The 5 Products Women's Health Expert Jolene Brighten Recommends To Everyone

Joelene Brighten's five favorite wellness products for women's health

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Here at mbg, we love getting a glimpse into the habits of the biggest movers and shakers in the wellness world—and what better way to do that than by looking at the products they use on a daily basis? In our latest series, mbg Collective members spill on the tools that help them live balanced, happy, healthy lives—and that they recommend to basically everyone. First up: Jolene Brighten, N.D., renowned women's health and hormone expert, nutritional biochemist, and author of the game-changing book Beyond the Pill.

TrueDark Amber Glasses

I love my TrueDark amber glasses. I recommend that just about everyone has a pair because we're so inundated with light pollution, which has an impact on our hormones and menstrual cycle. Some studies have shown that messing with the light-dark cycle in women can delay or stop ovulation. I wear them—and recommend that other people wear them—with the natural light-dark cycle of the planet. So, as soon as it starts getting dark, go ahead and put them on until you get into bed. This helps raise melatonin levels and bring down cortisol levels at night. Fun fact: On top of being great for sleep, melatonin is also an antioxidant and protects the brain and ovaries.

Annmarie Illuminating Pearl Mask

I like to get in the shower, apply this mask, and then rinse it off when I'm done. My skin always feels so much softer after and glows a bit too. Annmarie Skin Care is a company I really trust, and it's one of their new masks with pearl powder, honey, turmeric, and licorice. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a breakout or anything, it's not going to aggravate you; it's just really nourishing. Not only are their products clean, but they go all the way through the supply chain, making sure ingredients were sourced sustainably.

Primal Life Organics LED Teeth-Whitening System

This is LED whitening system is so cool! It's an LED light mouthpiece with a charcoal whitening gel that you use with it, which is nontoxic and non-abrasive. Standard whitening systems can be harsh on the teeth, and some of those chemicals aren't ones you necessarily want to be putting in your mouth. You can even use the LED light on its own, which helps with gum and tooth health, and to optimize the flora in your mouth—people forget the microbiome starts here! It plugs into your phone, too, so you can walk around with it. I really like that it's so convenient, and I don't have to worry about putting endocrine disrupters in my body or anything that would be adverse to my microbiome.

Blendtec blender

One of the best parts about this Blendtec blender: I bought it refurbished on Amazon with a warranty! We're so wasteful as consumers, so if something works perfectly well and I can prevent it from going to the landfill, I don't care if it's brand-new. It works so well for so many things. I do seed cycling, and you can throw your seeds right in and it will grind them up. I also love it for juicing—I'll blend everything up, strain the pulp out, and then I freeze the fiber-rich pulp into cubes. Later, I'll toss the cubes and some of my paleo protein into the blender and create this awesome gut-loving smoothie.

Epsom Salts

I typically take a bath once a week, and I love adding about 2 cups of Epsom salts because it can really help with detoxification. Even when I'm traveling, I'll stop by Whole Foods Market and grab individual packets of Epsom salts. It's also a great way to just kind of saturate your tissues with magnesium. It's very relaxing, so for anyone who sits at a desk or computer a lot and has tight muscles, it's a nice way to unwind and really relax. I also like to add in some dried flowers and a bunch of different herbs like comfrey, which is antimicrobial and really healing for the skin. It helps heal and soothe vaginal tissue as well, so if you've just had a baby or you have a yeast infection, this can be really nourishing.

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