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October 31, 2022
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Have you ever wondered where certain Halloween/Samhain traditions come from? Why do we wear costumes and hand out sweets? Why do we light jack-o'-lanterns? Is there any truth to spirits being more active and present at this time of year?

Simply, yes! And these traditions are thought to protect us from the spirit world when the veils between worlds are the thinnest. Here's what to know about this powerful time of year, from my perspective as an intuitive.

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The thinning of the veil.

Halloween or Samhain falls when we are in the sign of Scorpio. It's the sign of mysteries, taboos, depths, and transcendence. The light disappears and leaves fall during Scorpio season. During this time, we are more open to the mystical, which creates an opportunity for spirits to communicate with us more easily.

We might think it's a game to see ghosts or feel spirits and get messages from the dead, but it's not to be taken lightly at all. You might want to try opening up to receive messages or signs, but you really should learn to protect yourself first and discern what kinds of spirits are safe to listen to and which ones aren't.

Basic spiritual protection ritual:

The best and simplest way to know you are protected spiritually before you trust what comes through to you (flashes, dreams, visions, voices) is to visualize yourself surrounded by light.

You can see a soft white or gold bubble around you. You might see sunshine beaming around you. You need to be able to see or feel it around you—front, back, above, and below. If you have a hard time seeing it fully (a cloudy area, missing spots, or dark areas), then you're not fully protected and need to be cautious about what is communicated.

So if you envision the light around you and can't see it fully, what do you do next? You can try to visualize the energy or color you do see and identify it. Next, you can imagine little holes being poked through that energy and bright light streaming through it. You can see a giant sword cutting away the other energy and letting the light flood in. Or you can see a cosmic vacuum suction all the cloudy or dark areas away until it feels clean.

Most people feel a huge sense of relief and peace when they can see the light around them fully.

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Good spirits or bad?

How do you know if you feel a spirit or see a vision of something whether it's good or bad? Entire books have been written on this (including mine!), but in a nutshell, there are a few things to look for.

Good spirits:

The good spirits come in ways that reassure us, give us a sense of peace or relief, and give signs that are simple yet potent.

Most people who feel the spirit of someone they loved say they had a subtle sign that they knew was their loved one. Often it's in noticeable encounters with animals, especially birds. Many will report smells of flowers, their perfume, cologne, or cigar smell if they smoked, etc.

Positive spirit guidance also comes as signs and synchronicities. If you're feeling down about your lackluster love life and suddenly everything that day has a heart on it, including the design on your latte, that could be spirit! Certain songs also pop on at uncanny moments to give us positive messages.

There are many beautiful ways that I believe spirits speak to us. Just remember the good ones will never startle you, scare you, tell you what to do directly, or leave you feeling scared or confused. They come in the light, not the shadows.



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Bad spirits:

Bad spirits are the kind of thing horror films are made of. If you feel a chill or breeze inside your home, see things suddenly fall off walls, or sense a heaviness around you, these are telltale signs of spirits that are draining your energy.

Any dramatic shift downward in your overall vitality and mood that happens when you move or suddenly inhabit a new space could also be cause for investigation. You can use the light visualization above to protect yourself, or practice a home cleansing and banishing ritual.

The takeaway.

Halloween, or Samhain, falls during Scorpio season and is considered a time when the veil between the spirit world and our world is the thinnest. This can be a great moment to connect to helpful spiritual guides—and protect yourself against negative ones.

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