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Is The Universe Giving You The Green Light? Here's How To Identify The Signs

July 22, 2018

Ever wondered if the universe was giving you the green light? Maybe it is.

Say you're trying to decide if you should ask your boss for a raise or more flexible hours. And then, when you're on your lunch break, you come across an article about how it's important to be assertive and ask for what you deserve. In big and small ways, the universe will actively encourage us to go after something if it's in our highest good.

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If you need help noticing these messages, here are some signs to help you discern if you’re being given the go on a relationship, project, healing journey, career change, purchase, move across the country, or anything else:

1. An opportunity comes out of the blue.

Have you had a business opportunity, or any opportunity, show up in your life out of left field? Maybe someone offers you a job when you weren’t looking to switch jobs…or maybe someone just offers you a free ticket to a weekend workshop on a topic you had never considered studying. Humans can forget that we’re not orchestrating everything. Yes, our intentions and actions and attitudes help co-create our reality, but there is also a larger intelligence, which we can call the universe, at work. If an opportunity comes to you and you had almost nothing to do with making it happen, this could be an assist from the universe. You don’t have to say yes, but you should definitely consider it.

2. You receive an increase in synchronicities.

Carl Jung defined synchronicities as meaningful coincidences. In my book Angel Insights, I explain that the universe and your spirit guides are constantly sending signs or synchronicities (things that appear random but actually hold deeper meaning) to help you live at your highest potential. Synchronicities are how the universe talks to you directly. You'll often get an intuitive feeling when something is actually a sign.

After living in New York City for two decades, my husband and I were ready for a change. We had a couple of cities in mind but immediately started getting an increase in synchronicities about one in particular: Austin. We’d see people in our neighborhood wearing baseball caps with one of the city’s sports logos on it or people in our building’s lobby wearing T-shirts with Austin splashed across them. Very, very rarely had we seen New Yorkers wearing clothes representing this city before. Yet now it became so common we had to laugh. When the universe is giving you a green light, it will significantly ramp up the number of synchronicities you receive.

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3. You're presented with an experience that has a lot of growth potential for you.

The universe loves to send us experiences that will help us grow and change. Have you been considering visiting a loved one you haven’t been super close with for a few years? Or maybe you have been thinking about taking a trip to walk the Camino de Santiago for a week or two to spend time in nature and reflect on your life. If you are considering doing something that has the potential for a lot of positive change and growth, the universe is more likely to give you the green light by bringing you grace opportunities to help you find the time, support, or resources to make the experience happen.

4. You get guidance that the experience will be healing.

I was walking through a store one day debating whether or not writing a mindfulness book for teens was truly right for me, when a song came over the loudspeaker that I had not heard in over 20 years. I'd had a particularly rough time as a teenager due to the illness and death of my mother, and then finding myself on my own and trying to figure out a job and rent at 18. Music became very important to me. The song I heard that day was by a band I listened to a lot as a teenager, and the lyrics perfectly described how we can sometimes feel so lost during that time in our lives.

Suddenly I was right back there in a time when I used to listen to this band—18 and on my own with no clue how to move forward or care for myself. How much I could have used a mindfulness book, or any kind of direction, back then! I knew this was a sign that writing the book would be healing for me, and hopefully for the teens who read it too.

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5. It feels right to your intuition.

One way the universe speaks to you is through your intuition. As a psychic I believe in the power of intuition and help people connect to their own inner truths every day. Sometimes the things it tells you will seem inconvenient—like the nagging feeling that you need to clean up your diet, quit drinking, save more money, or end a relationship. But gut feelings should never be discounted.

Learn all about easy ways to tap into your intuition here.

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