5 Ways Kundalini Yoga Can Bring More Abundance Into Your Life

Kundalini Yoga Teacher By Guru Jagat
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology.
5 Ways Kundalini Yoga Can Bring More Abundance Into Your Life
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This week, we’re celebrating the launch of world-renowned Kundalini yoga teacher Guru Jagat’s new class by highlighting some of the incredible ways Kundalini can improve your life. In Guru Jagat’s class Kundalini Yoga 101 you’ll learn the basics of Kundalini, break a sweat, and nourish your creative spirit.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini yoga, was a hugely practical man. He wasn't a love and light-er—he was a master of all realms, including business. He wanted people to be able to navigate all spaces of the human experience. Spiritual, relational, financial—you name it. In this, vein, Kundalini yoga has a vast collection of niche teachings that are for business, success, sales, money, wealth, and prosperity.

When I first started practicing Kundalini yoga, I took the teachings very seriously. They worked so well that when I learned a new technique, no matter how weird, I tried it out. This involved a lot of odd (but successful) experiments.

When I started to uncover the vast amount of Kundalini yoga material on business, I applied what I gleaned. And it's worked. I built RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science in Venice, California, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain—places where art, fashion, culture, meditation, and yoga intersect with high velocity, the online streaming network RA MA TV, and my record company RA MA Records by yogic technique, which admittedly takes a lot of hard work.

I'd like to share with you my top five Kundalini tips for success so that you, too, can victoriously navigate this realm of living:

1. Use your intuitive mind.

The most successful people on the planet are high intuitives, whether they know it or not. And now we're moving into subtler times on the planet. Which means spaces of success and fulfillment aren't found on paper; they're discovered by tracking energy. That's not to say you shouldn't consider the written job description, the applicant's actual resume, or the investment pro forma. The real deliverance, however, is in the intuitive synthesis of this information, combined with all of the other energetic information you pick up in the process.

I promise you, this is where you can really strike big and quickly. If you have the nervous system to hold it, you can fast-track successful business. Developing your intuitive mind can be easy. When you're looking for an answer that is real but beyond logic, close your eyes, turn your gaze up and in toward the middle of the eyebrows and breath deeply. Focus on the inhale and exhale.


2. Walk tall, breathe deep, and speak from your navel point.

There are some basic embodiment practices for successful navigation of the business space.

First, walk tall. People trust others who carry themselves with grace and authority. So when you start to inhabit your true height, no matter how tall that actually is, you attract more prosperity from others.

Next, breathe deep. Yogi Bhajan said that the person who breathes the deepest and the longest holds the energetic command. He often recommended breathing four times a minute or less for successful business negotiations.

Last, speak from your navel: When you speak from your navel point, you communicate authority and authenticity. It doesn't necessarily mean yelling, although it does give you more vocal power. Communicating from your navel point has a penetrative effect. You can whisper from this space and get your point across.

3. Communicate.

Business is about communication. A fundamental business teaching from Yogi Bhajan is that one word can make or break a business venture. A simple trick you can use during tense negotiations or even a job interview is to touch the tip of your pinkie finger to the tip of your thumb. The pinkie finger directs more eloquent thought and speech. It's a subtle technique that no one really ever sees and it's effective.


4. Strengthen your nervous system.

This may or may not make sense to you right away, but in order to hold more prosperity, more weight in business negotiations and even attract higher-level opportunities, you have to strengthen your nervous system.

Prosperity and money are forms of energy, also known as electrical current. If you want more, you have to be able to hold more current in your nerves. Prospective partners also want to know that you have the nervous system stamina to hold the new capacity. They may not know that's what they're looking for, but it translates as someone's ability to trust you and have confidence in you.

And concurrently a strong nervous system allows you to truly enjoy your success instead of feeling it a burden or sabotaging it in some way or the other.

Here's an exercise in nervous-system strengthening:

Sit in a cross-legged position or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Curl your fingertips to rest on the top pads of your palms, but leave your thumbs extended out. Take the arms up and out to 60 degrees. Breath: Begin a breath of fire, which is an even inhale to even exhale through the nose at a moderate to rapid pace. Be sure to make the breath even. Speed is not as important as evenness, and focused up and in between your eyebrows (to develop more of the intuitive mind).

To end, inhale and hold the breath. Bring the thumb tips together over the head and stretch the arms and fingers up. Stretch tall, feeling the energy run through you and your nervous system strengthening. Exhale and release the hands, sweeping your arms through the space around you. Relax and notice the change.

5. Last but not least, give to receive.

By far the most important success and prosperity teaching is the give, give, and give again. The gifting economy is more and more being recognized by the younger generations. And now the millennials are starting their reign of economic power. Yogi Bhajan said if you can convince the whole world you can serve them, you will have them in the palm of your hand.

The key here is to serve. Beyond all else. When serving humanity comes before the bottom line, there is a wave of gratitude from the collective consciousness that's more powerful, profound, and gratifying than anything you could ever receive monetarily. It's true success and fulfillment. And then the flow of worldly achievements becomes so much more satisfying.

Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat is one of the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world and the face of the...
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Guru Jagat
Guru Jagat is one of the youngest senior Kundalini Yoga teachers in...
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