7 Things You Need To Know About The Heart-Opening Cancer New Moon

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July 4 brings the annual Cancer new moon, a healing moment to open our hearts and show some affection—to ourselves and others. With Cancer season in full swing, home and family will be under la luna's spotlight, as the new moon helps us start a fresh chapter with the ones we love most.

If you’re in the U.S., it won’t feel like Independence Day as usual, since clingy Cancer—the sign of the Crab—is one of the most dependent signs of the zodiac! You'll enjoy plenty of emotional bonding, as this new moon will travel in a close trine to compassionate Neptune in Pisces, stirring up our sentimental sides.

Just watch how much you imbibe if you’re celebrating, as the combined effect of boundary-blurring Neptune and these two water signs can make you unaware of your limitations with others. (In other words: don't forget to carve out some quality "me" time!)

This weekend's cosmic vibe is all "rainbows and unicorns," especially on Sunday when the Cancer Sun trance-dances with spiritual Neptune in Pisces (flower crown optional). Under these dreamy, flow-y skies, we come together hand-in-hand at one big celestial summer festival.

Meanwhile, compassionate Neptune is retrograde, giving us a do-over—especially if we laid down harsh critiques or spouted off tough love with someone who maybe just needed a hug. Swaddle up in that support circle and spend by the sea (Neptune's domain) if you can. Pack a gourmet picnic, too! With the food-obsessed Cancer Sun in the frame, this could turn into a Bacchanalian feast on a beach blanket.

Here are seven ways to make the most of the weekend's emotive and dreamy Cancerian energy, and open your heart during the sensitive Crab's new moon:

1. Touch up your roots.

Family-focused Cancer loves to connect to kin. This is the perfect time to spark a renewed relationship with a relative like your cousin living in that chic Parisian flat, or your bro who’s been busy since he and his wife had the kids. Bonus points for setting up a regular tradition like a monthly Sunday dinner with la familia, or an annual summer vacation. If you’re gathering ‘round the family table this week, try your hand at a recipe that’s been handed down for generations.

Decorate your home with familiar symbols: Place your grandmother’s silver candlesticks on your dining table, or frame childhood photos and put them on display. And maybe your family of origin falls into the "crazymaker" category ... so skip back a few generations and learn more about your ancestral heritage. You might even select a cultural object or artifact that reflects your roots to display as artwork in your home. That Viking spear or West African mask will surely spark some interesting conversations with your houseguests.

2. Rock that retirement fund.

Financial security is a big deal to the zodiac’s Crab, whose energy never feels settled without a rainy day or a retirement fund. Whether you’re 25 or 55, it’s never too early (or too late) to start socking away money for the future. If you’re a newbie, tuck into Suze Orman’s "The Money Class" as your summertime beach read—or any of our favorite picks for money and career books listed here.

Changing times demand new strategies. For the more seasoned saver, schedule a meeting with a financial planner to explore new options for growing your wealth. Retooling your approach under the light of this new moon can help you get back in the driver’s seat of your financial future … even if that means clutching the wheel of a giant, snowbird-style, four-door Lincoln Town Car for this ride.

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3. Connect with water.

Cancer is a water sign, and this new moon reminds us of the soothing and regenerative power of H2O. Take a ritual bath to cleanse your energy near this moonlight. Pour in the Epsom salt, which is high in energizing, detoxifying magnesium (which most people are deficient in nowadays). Bring a crystal or two to the tub to “charge” your bath with healing energy. We suggest moonstone, which embodies the feminine vibration and is said to enhance intuitive powers. Add a generous sprinkling of rose petals and a drop of pure essential rose oil. This gorgeous flower is known to have a soothing effect on the mind, and can ease depression. Given the moodiness often associated with Cancer, a little boost goes a long way.

4. Think before you drink.

Cancer rules the digestive system, so try some tummy-soothing tricks as well. Infuse your drinking water with herbs that are known to aid digestion. Try fresh mint, lemon, even a few leaves of basil. Experiment with the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto whose studies reveal that words and thoughts can change the shape of water molecules. Print an inspiring phrase or mantra onto a sticker and affix it to your refillable water bottle. You might just lift your spirits with every swig.

5. Tune into your feelings.

As the ruler of the heart, Cancer is all about trusting and respecting our feelings. Unfortunately, we still live in a culture that dismisses emotional people as “weak.” Pure insanity! Today, suspend your focus on practical matters and instead tune into that inner voice. Can’t find it? Put your hands on your belly—the area ruled by Cancer—close your eyes, and breathe. Within a few minutes, your emotional truth will have its say. Grab a pen and free-write whatever comes up.

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6. Honor thy mother.

Cancer rules motherhood, and this new moon is a powerful day to connect with your mama or other matriarchal figure (or your children). On this family-focused day, you might also want to explore your ancestral lineage. Are there rifts among your relatives that seem to keep repeating themselves? Check out "Family Constellation Therapy," a healing modality that helps break generations-long family patterns … in a downright fascinating way. We like the work of Natalie Berthold or the book Health, Happiness and the Family Constellation: How Ancestors, Family Systems, and Hidden Loyalties Shape Your Life—And What YOU Can Do About It.

7. Have a good cry.

When all else fails, let those tears flow. There's nothing more cleansing—or Cancerian—than the soothing power of an emotional release. It turns out that tears also have surprising medical benefits. They release toxins—namely, the chemicals that raises cortisol, the stress hormone. Who knew? You can read about more of the helpful effects of crying it out here. In the meantime, enjoy the Cancer new moon's healing vibes—and pass the tissues as you work though issues!

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