10 Reasons You Have Negative Energy & How To Reverse It (In Less Than A Minute)

Written by Marci Baron

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Several years ago, I was really miserable. The emotional toll of getting divorced and losing a child contributed to a never-ending well of grief, blame, and pain.

Even though I was blessed with two more children, I had a broken spirit. I felt like a victim and I couldn’t get out of my own way. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had very negative energy.

Negative energy is heavy and dense. I might have looked fine on the outside, but my vibes didn’t lie. I was finally able to turn my energy around with the help of a spiritual healer.

Through the experience of releasing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks through various energy healing modalities like Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, and Sound Healing, I was inspired to become a healer myself. Through my practice, I have identified the 10 most common reasons people carry around negative energy.

If any of these resonate with you, it might be time to start turning your energy around:

1. You have to be right or win all the time.

When you constantly feel the need to fight, you are not coming from a place of power. Real, authentic power is unassuming.

How to reverse it: Strengthen your Solar Plexus Chakra, the third chakra and the energetic vortex of power, by tapping the center of your stomach and repeating aloud five times, “I feel my power. I claim it now.” Visualize a beautiful yellow light emitting from your stomach and bask in it as you hold both of your hands over the pit of your stomach.

2. Your emotions are out of control and very extreme.

When you ride the emotional roller coaster of extreme mood swings, your vibe is going to feel off to the people around you. You become a mixed bag of emotions, and this inconsistency brings down your vibrations.

How to reverse it: Use your fingers to gently tap the middle of your chest. While you are tapping, say to yourself, “All is well.” This will boost and restore your positive energy.

Negative energy is heavy and dense.

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3. You constantly blame others.

Life is hard, but walking around blaming other people for your problems is keeping you stuck.

How to reverse it: Practice love and forgiveness for yourself and others by massaging your heart chakra. Move your hand in the area over your chest. While massaging in a clockwise motion, say five times, "I deeply and completely love, honor, and forgive myself and others. I easily and effortlessly feel gratitude, forgiveness, and joy for all that I have been through."

4. You are reactive and you speak before you think.

Do you open your mouth to speak before thinking things through? You might notice that you are filling the space around you with negativity because you are offending others without taking time to consider what your words really mean.

How to reverse it: The goal is to become more responsive and less reactive. With every single encounter, even the seemingly unimportant ones, pause before speaking. Ask yourself, “How can I come from a place of love and understanding?”

5. You tell the same negative stories over and over.

How many times do you tell the same negative story? Harping on the past is the energetic equivalent of taking a bath in dirty water. It's just never going to make you feel any better.

How to reverse it: Instead of saying, "I have no money," say instead, "I can't wait to see where the money shows up to pay my bills." Instead of saying, "I have so many health issues," say instead, "My body wants to heal." This simple shift in the stories you tell yourself will instantly lighten your energy.

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6. You look for answers outside of yourself.

Society tells us that all of the answers we seek are out there. However, every single one can actually be found within ourselves.

How to reverse it: Strengthen your Third Eye Chakra by gently tapping the space in between your eyebrows while repeating five times aloud, “I am clear and I know my own voice."

7. You are too hard on yourself.

Do you beat yourself up over the mistakes that you have made? Are you are hard on yourself? This tendency is definitely bringing your energy down.

How to reverse it: In order to find more self-compassion, try to view yourself as though you were viewing a suffering child. Would you yell, berate, and emotionally beat up a child for their missteps? Of course not.

The goal is to become more responsive and less reactive.

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8. Your thoughts are mostly negative.

By now, you've probably heard talk of the power of positive thinking. However, it's not that easy to think cheerful thoughts when you are constantly burdened with negativity. Our thoughts create our reality, so it's very important to make a mental switch.

How to reverse it: Start a gratitude practice. Any time I go to a negative place in my head, I instantly monitor my thoughts and try to find some sort of silver lining. It is impossible to be negative when you come from a place of gratitude.

9. You believe you are unworthy.

Some people don’t think they are worthy of life’s blessings. When you believe the universe is a loving force, you will inherently feel that it is your birthright to be happy.

How to reverse it: Stimulate your Crown Chakra as you use a soft, circular motion at the top of your head. Repeat five times aloud, “It is my birthright to be happy.”

10. You don’t follow your bliss.

When you are not engaging in activities that truly light you up, you inadvertently bring yourself (and those around you) down.

How to reverse it: Do something that makes you happy every day — it can be big or small. When you follow your bliss, it will lead to more pleasurable experiences and opportunities.

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