Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., MSCI


Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., MSCI is a gastroenterologist and internationally recognized gut health expert who wants to help you tap into the incredible healing power that lives inside you—your gut microbiota. His medical training involved 16 years at America's elite institutions. He completed a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, a medical degree from Georgetown University, and a master's in clinical investigation from Northwestern University. Bulsiewicz was also the chief medical resident at Northwestern and the chief gastroenterology fellow at UNC, and received the highest award given by both his residency and fellowship. He also completed an epidemiology fellowship at UNC's prestigious Gillings School of Global Public Health.

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What is your wellness philosophy?
All health starts in the gut. It's so much more than just your digestive system. Our immune system, metabolism, hormonal balance, mood, brain function, and even genetic expression have all been connected back to the community of microorganisms living inside us -- our gut microbiome. This is the quarterback for human health. When people take proper care of their guts, their health tends to follow. Disease gets reversed -- or, better yet, prevented. So no matter who you are, you should care about having a healthy gut.

What brought you into wellness?
I'm a gastroenterologist with traditional training and then some -- master's of clinical investigation, epidemiology fellowship at a top school of public health, numerous publications and presentations at national meetings. But despite all this training I knew nothing about nutrition, and personally suffered the consequences as I gained weight and saw my health slip eating the standard American diet. The desire to do better for myself and my patients led me to dive deep into nutritional research. I implemented what I found in my clinic and in my own life, and I've witnessed the healing power in the lives of my patients and my own. There's no going back now, nutrition and lifestyle are at the foundation of how I care for my patients.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?
There's one world, and we're all in it together. Now more than ever, we need to learn to love and appreciate one another. We need to break down the boundaries of tribalism and fanaticism and find the common ground that unites us and brings us together. Why are we fighting when we could be celebrating? Why are we destroying when we could be building? We need each other, and we need to do it together.

What’s your best piece of wellness advice?
Make "Diversity of Plants" your core dietary philosophy. High quality research has shown us that the single greatest predictor of a healthy gut microbiome is the diversity of plants in your diet. So when you go to the supermarket, snag something you've never had before and figure out the recipe when you get home. When you're cooking that 3-bean chili, make it a 6-bean chili and then some. When you sit down to dinner, you challenge yourself to see how many different plants you can get on your plate. Three times a day, you repeat the expression in your mind, "Diversity of plants! Diversity of plants! Diversity of plants!"