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The Research-Backed Reason You Might Want To Do More Strength Training

Sleep and exercise are two major components of overall well-being.

Sarah Regan
December 30 2020

10 Habits Of Couples Who Stay Together Through Adversity, According To Research

Social distancing with a partner comes with its own set of challenges.

Sarah Regan
December 26 2020

How To Spot The Once-In-A-Lifetime "Christmas Star" In Monday's Sky

We've got a big astrological event coming up on Monday.

Sarah Regan
December 20 2020

New Research Explores How COVID Has Changed Our Relationship To Nature

During a claustrophobic year, the outdoors became an escape.

Emma Loewe
December 17 2020

Traveling For The Holidays? Safety Tips From The CDC & A Toxicologist

Tips to keep in mind to protect yourself and others this holiday season.

Sarah Regan
December 15 2020