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People Judge Competence In A Tenth Of A Second Based On Your Clothes

Researchers at Princeton University found that people shown wearing "richer" clothing were viewed as more competent.

Eliza Sullivan
2 hours ago

The Connection Between Diet & Vision Loss You Need To Know About

A new study conducted at the University of Buffalo has found that certain traits of a "poor" diet can increase the risk of age-related macular...

Eliza Sullivan
4 hours ago

Researchers Are Convinced That, Yes, People Can Change (But It's Not Easy)

We've all wondered: Do people really change? New research says yes, but it isn't easy.

Sarah Regan
5 hours ago

Scientists Unearth What Makes Bread Taste So Good & Now We're Hungry

Scientists found wheat variety and where it's grown affects the final taste and aroma.

Eliza Sullivan
11 hours ago

Scientists Find Developing This Skill Is Crucial For Success

A new study indicates a direct correlation between emotional intelligence and academic success.

Eliza Sullivan
15 hours ago

Over 50 & Struggling To Sleep? Refined Carbs Might Be To Blame

New research has identified a common culprit that may be behind insomnia symptoms.

Sarah Regan
a day ago

Scientists Find Drinking Coffee May Help Prevent Alzheimer's & More

We now know more about how our favorite morning beverage can help keep our bodies healthy.

Eliza Sullivan
2 days ago

Thick Hair Found To Break More Easily Than Thin Hair In New Study

When it comes to hair health, you'd think the thicker, the better, right?

Sarah Regan
2 days ago

Time's Person Of The Year Proves That Age Is Just A Number

Time named their 2019 person of the year, and she's the youngest in the award's history.

Abby Moore
2 days ago

Blue Bottle Is Attempting To Ditch Disposable Coffee Cups & It Could Be Huge

They're also planning to swap single-use bags for reusable containers for coffee beans.

Eliza Sullivan
3 days ago