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The Smoothie That Keeps A Nonstop Fitness Instructor Going

How NYC-based fitness instructor and stretching expert Alicia Archer takes care of her mind and body with a nonstop lifestyle.

Alicia Archer
January 17 2017

City Guide: Check Out How Yogi Tara Stiles Does New York

We've got her fave spots to eat, move, and unwind. Check 'em out.

Tara Stiles
November 4 2016

The Balanced Blonde's Jordan Younger Shares Her Favorite Healthy Eateries In NYC & LA

The Balanced Blonde shares her favorite cafes and restaurants for healthy (and sometimes vegan) fare.

Leah Vanderveldt
June 20 2016

Take A Look Inside New York City's First Micro-Apartment (Photos)

The cutting-edge space, composed of 55 studio apartments ranging from 260 to 360 square feet, is proof that a teeny apartment is nothing to complain...

Emma Loewe
February 3 2016

8 Things We Can Learn From NYC's Hottest Plant-Based Chef

Amanda Cohen is the chef and owner of the phenomenal Michelin-starred, vegetable-based restaurant Dirt Candy on New York's Lower East Side.

Leah Vanderveldt
August 24 2015

13 NYC Events To Get You Fired Up About Wellness

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor yoga class to get your creative juices flowing, or a special meditation session to get centered, there’s...

Charlotte Lieberman
July 8 2015

NYC Is About To Make History With A Mass Meditation In Central Park

On June 20, the city that never sleeps is about to get quiet — and I mean really quiet. For the first time ever in the five boroughs, thousands of New...

Andrea Rice
June 19 2015

Jamie Brewer Is The First NYFW Runway Model With Down Syndrome

As a devoted fan of American Horror Story, I was especially excited to hear that one of my favorite actors from the show, Jamie Brewer, is going to be...

Emi Boscamp
February 12 2015

Yoga In The Heart Of New York City (Incredible Photos)

New York City has increasingly become one of the most inspiring cities in the world for me to work in. The energy and architecture of the city serve...

Robert Sturman
May 23 2014

Yoga In The Streets Of New York City (Stunning Slideshow)

I love New York and I love yoga. When they get together in the streets, I'm in heaven.

Robert Sturman
September 19 2013

Q&A With Peter Tunney: Legendary Artist Discusses Sobriety, Inspiration & Creativity

You've probably seen Peter Tunney's work but didn't know he was the brains behind it. Tunney's billboards, with inspirational phrases such as "The...

Kerry Shaw
January 22 2013

How I Came to Teach 25 Yoga Privates a Week

I was 22-years-old. I had just moved to New York City to be a dancer and had finished a 200-hour teaching training program at the wonderful OM Yoga...

Francesca Cervero
September 26 2012

Bikram Yoga's Other Half: Conversation with Rajashree Choudhury

Just as the Moon is to the Sun, Yin is to Yang, so is Rajashree to Bikram – a balance in harmony.

Marina Chetner
June 19 2012

How This Party Girl Met Yoga

It was 1977 when it all stated for me. Donna Summer and the Bee Gees ruled the airways. It was all things disco, which kept my feet happy and threw an...

Dana Flynn
June 14 2012

What You Need to Know About Colonic Therapy

Colonic therapy was foreign to me until I interviewed colonic hygienist Gil Jacobs. I have never been a cleanser or a juicer and although I have many...

Julie Wilcox
May 19 2012

8 Creative Ways to Share Yoga with Children

As a kid's yoga teacher, I get the chance to explore artistic, creative ways of sharing the practice and its benefits everyday. What’s more, working...

Alexandra Moga
March 5 2012

5 Reasons You Should Join a CSA Today

On Facebook recently, someone commented on a friend's status post and asked what a CSA was. Although this was the first year I actually took part in...

Abby Phon
February 29 2012