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The Smoothie That Keeps A Nonstop Fitness Instructor Going

How NYC-based fitness instructor and stretching expert Alicia Archer takes care of her mind and body with a nonstop lifestyle.

Alicia Archer
January 17 2017

City Guide: Check Out How Yogi Tara Stiles Does New York

We've got her fave spots to eat, move, and unwind. Check 'em out.

Tara Stiles
November 4 2016

NYC Is About To Make History With A Mass Meditation In Central Park

On June 20, the city that never sleeps is about to get quiet — and I mean really quiet. For the first time ever in the five boroughs, thousands of New...

Andrea Rice
June 19 2015

Yoga In The Streets Of New York City (Stunning Slideshow)

I love New York and I love yoga. When they get together in the streets, I'm in heaven.

Robert Sturman
September 19 2013

5 Backbending Tips - In Acronym Form!

Five pointers that have helped me approach a back-bend.

Rebecca Ketchum
October 11 2011

Super-Easy Yoga Mat Cleaning

An easy and natural way to clean your yoga mat.

Heidi Kristoffer
August 30 2011

Healthy Power Baklava

An energy boosting and muscle nourishing snack.

Nadya Andreeva
August 25 2011

3 Lessons of Summer Yoga

The sweat. The drip. The soak. The slip.

Lauren Imparato
August 2 2011

The Challenge to Continually Challenge

When it comes to fitness, it is so easy to continue doing what we are familiar with; what we are good at. However, it is important to challenge...

Sarra Morton
August 1 2011