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Struggling To Accept The Truth? Here's How Yoga Can Help

These three aspects are so helpful.

Christine Reppa
January 23

10 Uplifting Quotes To Remind You Peace CAN Be Found In The Wake Of Tragedy

“There is peace even in the storm.” ―Vincent van Gogh

Shannon Kaiser
June 14 2016

21 Signs You Don't Trust Yourself

For a long time, I did not trust myself because I thought I had made too many mistakes and poor choices. I also realized that I was, in many respects,...

Iyanla Vanzant
December 7 2015

15 Ways To Show Yourself Gratitude (And Why It Matters)

Thanksgiving is about sharing joy and love with those you appreciate. And, yes, it is a beautiful tradition, setting aside time to say thank to the...

Shannon Kaiser
November 25 2015

Why Therapy Saved My Life (It Can Save Yours, Too)

When I was a teenager, I told my parents I wanted to see a psychologist. At the time, I was dating a guy who lived up the street. We had an exciting...

Sandra Bienkowski
November 2 2015

Why Resentment Is Toxic + How To Deal With It

I’ve always been quick to anger. At age 2, I kicked a neighbor who said I was cute. When my mother scolded me and asked why, I put my hands on my hips...

Megan Feldman Bettencourt
August 19 2015

5 Roadblocks That Keep You From Love

As a dating coach, I am often approached by men and women who ache with deep loneliness. They want love desperately, but feel stuck. I should mention...

Monica Parikh
July 25 2015

Why It's Totally OK To Feel Sad & Lonely

Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I felt myself trying to talk through the feeling with friends with the hope that I could...

Kavita Patel
June 26 2015

A 5-Step Plan To Calm Down When You’re Upset

Whenever I get upset, I wonder if it's just me, since it often seems like everyone else is so cool and collected. But other people must freak out...

Kaia Roman
June 11 2015

How To Accept People. Even Those You Hate

You know those people who just get under your skin? They may have done something specific (or a lot of things), or maybe you don’t know exactly why...

Christine Obee
June 3 2015

10 Ways To Stop Feeling Like You Need To Be In Control All The Time

Many of us hold onto control for dear life. We attach ourselves to outcomes, push for things to happen the way we want them to go, and try to run the...

Lauren Stahl
May 21 2015

In Sickness & In Health: Putting The Vow To The Test

For most people, the marriage vow “in sickness and health” probably conjures thoughts of chicken soup, jack-hammer coughing, or days of...

Lisa Grunwald
May 15 2015

5 Powerful Ways Nature Can Teach You To Be More Confident

When I need a bit of a boost, I find tuning into nature helps to reduce my stress, and builds me up once more. Here are five treasures from trees to...

Ros Hunwicks
May 14 2015

How To Make Peace With Being In Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Believe In Marriage

I have always imagined I would get married one day. The dress, the chapel and the elaborate planning has never appealed to me, but creating a home...

Jeannette Encinias
May 14 2015

Michelle Obama Takes On Racism In Moving Graduation Speech (Video)

During her commencement address at Tuskegee University on Saturday, Michelle Obama spoke candidly about the ever-present racism in the U.S. and its...

Emi Boscamp
May 12 2015

Bruce Jenner Interview: "I Have The Soul Of A Woman"

Last night, Bruce Jenner got the chance to tell his story. Finally. In a long-teased, two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer, the former Olympic...

Emi Boscamp
April 25 2015

11 Ways To Take The Power Back In Your Life

All too often, we give our power away. We put the needs of others in front of ours. We lose sight of our ability to choose, and forget that the only...

Lauren Stahl
April 24 2015

Transgender Model Andreja Pejic Profiled In Vogue, Lands Beauty Deal

Andreja Pejic is breaking down the standards of beauty in the fashion industry with every fierce step she takes down the runway. The 23-year-old...

Emi Boscamp
April 22 2015

5 Things I’ve Learned Sitting In A Therapist’s Chair

Some people call me a counselor, others a therapist, still others a shrink. Technically, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed...

Rosemary Clark
April 19 2015

Aydian Dowling Could Be First Transgender Model On Cover Of Men's Health

Men’s Health magazine is on the search for the “ Ultimate Guy ” — someone who is ideally "fit and fearless, a doer who gives back and leads by...

Emi Boscamp
April 16 2015