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15 People Swear This Supplement Helps Them Sleep Through The Entire Night*

Emma Loewe
Updated on March 15, 2022
Emma Loewe
mbg Sustainability + Health Director
By Emma Loewe
mbg Sustainability + Health Director
Emma Loewe is the Senior Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "Return to Nature: The New Science of How Natural Landscapes Restore Us."
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Last updated on March 15, 2022

You really shouldn't sleep on a good night's rest. As if helping us recover from the day, consolidate memories, and strengthen our immune system weren't enough, new research is finding that high-quality sleep can also make us more mindful, promote heart health, and support the health of our mind and mood.

When it comes to tapping into these sleep benefits, getting to bed at a decent hour is only half the equation. You'll also want to maximize the time you spend sleeping—particularly in those later sleep stages where most rest and recovery happens. But maintaining deep sleep is a challenge for many of us, particularly light sleepers who live in noisy areas, those who carry lingering stress to bed, or people with young kids.

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While popular sleep aids like melatonin can help make people tired, they won't necessarily improve overall sleep quantity. That's why mbg set out to create a sleep supplement for falling asleep faster and staying asleep until morning.* Meet sleep support+—a combination of magnesium bisglycinate, PharmaGABA®, and jujube formulated to enhance natural sleep quality and promote a steady state of relaxation throughout the night.*

And don't worry: This science-backed supplement is effective but not so strong that it'll make you sleep through alarms or baby's cries.* Instead, the powerful yet gentle blend will let you wake up, tend to things, and then fall back asleep with ease.*

Here, 15 people share how sleep support+ has helped them achieve the deep and steady sleep of their dreams.*

sleep support+ fans share how it helps them sleep through the night:*

"I've taken many sleep supplements but this one does help keep me asleep through the night. I've been waking up less and feel as if the sleep I'm getting is more restorative."*

—Jennifer D.

"I do love sleep support +. It definitely helps me fall and stay asleep. I do not wake up feeling groggy. I have recommended the product to many friends and family."*

—Kerri H.

"I never write reviews but I have to say this has helped my sleep so much. I only take one capsule at night, which seems to be enough for me. I'll still wake up sometimes during the night but I fall back to sleep, which is a game-changer!"*

—Lauren S.

"Before sleep support +, I would wake up multiple times through the night and never feel quite rested when I would get up for the day. I'm finally starting to fall asleep faster, not waking up, and when I get up for the morning, I feel very rested. I am in love with this product and give it my highest recommendation. Not only do I sleep much better, but my good sleep makes for a better day."*

—Mallory O.

"I am sleeping so much better, even through the night on many evenings. I am also falling back to sleep if I do wake up in the night."*

—Laura M.

"I am extremely impressed with sleep support. It helped me to sleep on the first night... I have taken magnesium for years with limited success. I have also tried many other homeopathic remedies with no success. This combination in sleep support works well for me."*

—Kate P.

"Not only was I able to fall asleep faster, [but] I also felt a much more restorative sleep cycle. Super happy with the product and will definitely be taking it regularly."*

—Hoon H.

"I've always considered myself a 'good sleeper' but as a mom thought waking up throughout the night was normal. Fast-forward to now, my children are grown and married, and I'm still waking up throughout the night. sleep support+ provides a full, wonderful night's sleep for me. I noticed the difference the very first night."*


"I added sleep support+ to my nightly routine and saw a difference right away. I'm sleeping deeply and waking up well rested. I've tried CBD and melatonin but like this much better! I love the restful sleep but also love fueling my body with vitamins and nutrients."*

Allie C.

"I love this sleep aid! I don't typically struggle with going to sleep but I do tend to wake. It keeps me asleep and doesn't make it hard to get up when I need to."*

—Kelly N.

"I believe this helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. My husband works at night sometimes and I have trouble sleeping when he is gone. This formula promotes the relaxation needed for restful sleep. Give it a try!"*

—Sharon H.

"I am so excited and impressed with how well this has been working for me. I take 2 a half-hour to an hour before bed and sleep all through the night! I am waking up refreshed and ready for my day."*

—Geneva N.

"Love this product. I take it an hour or so before I want to sleep. Most importantly, it helps me stay asleep and I wake up feeling rested."*

—Ellen S.

"This works great. I sleep through the night consistently. Even if I wake up needing to use the bathroom, I somehow fall back to sleep almost immediately."*

—Lisa. S

"The best part is that it even helps me go back to sleep quickly when my kids inevitably wake me up. I finally feel rested for the first time in years and I couldn't be more grateful this exists."*

—Cameron M.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.
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Emma Loewe
mbg Sustainability + Health Director

Emma Loewe is the Sustainability and Health Director at mindbodygreen and the author of Return to Nature: The New Science of How Natural Landscapes Restore Us. She is also the co-author of The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care, which she wrote alongside Lindsay Kellner.

Emma received her B.A. in Environmental Science & Policy with a specialty in environmental communications from Duke University. In addition to penning over 1,000 mbg articles on topics from the water crisis in California to the rise of urban beekeeping, her work has appeared on Grist, Bloomberg News, Bustle, and Forbes. She's spoken about the intersection of self-care and sustainability on podcasts and live events alongside environmental thought leaders like Marci Zaroff, Gay Browne, and Summer Rayne Oakes.