Can't Do A Pushup? This Trainer's Simple Trick Could Help

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Pushups are no easy feat. Unless you're equipped with plenty of upper body and core strength, this staple exercise can seem borderline impossible. But with the right tools, most people can master the move. Pilates instructor Cassey Ho (aka blogilates) shares her tried-and-true trick for nailing a pushup on TikTok. 

How to finally get your pushup: 

  1. Grab a resistance band ("Rubber or fabric, it really doesn't matter," she says), and place it just above your elbows. 
  2. Get into a plank position, on your toes or your knees, with your hands underneath your shoulders.
  3. Bring the elbows back as you push down, like you would with a regular pushup.
  4. The band will help push your chest back up.

"As you get stronger, you're going to go from a heavy band to a medium, and then to a light," she says. "And eventually, you're going to be able to do it without the bands!" Though the progression won't happen overnight, "one day, you are going to be able to go pushup band-free...don't give up," she says.

If you've already mastered your standard pushup and are looking for a new challenge, try one of these six pushup variations to spice things up. On the flip side, don't be discouraged if the trick doesn't work for you! As you're building your strength, the beginner-friendly incline pushup may be a better option.


The benefits of pushups.

If you're wondering: What's the point of even mastering a pushup if there are other equally effective arm exercises out there? Well, to each their own! If you absolutely hate this exercise, then skip it and opt for movement that feels good for you. However, one of the main benefits of pushups is that, even though most people consider this an upper-body move, it can actually target and tone the whole body, and can also double as cardio. So, why not give this simple trick a try?

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