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This May Be The Easiest Lip Liner Trick For A Plumper Pout

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November 20, 2022
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There are plenty of ways you can plump your lips naturally, from exfoliating scrubs to humectant-infused lip balms to even collagen supplements (yes, really). However, if you’re looking for some instant volume, you can always fake a plush, pillowy look with makeup. To which we say: Lip liners are your friends. 

Now, you may have a favorite lining technique depending on your personal lip shape, but allow us to clue you in on a universally flattering tip: “oval-lining.” The hack secured viral status after TikTok creator Katia Haek posted her own oval-lining tutorial—now, the term has over 27 million views and counting, and the trick only takes a few seconds to master. Below, discover how to “oval-line” your lips for pouty, natural-looking fullness. 

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How to “oval line” your lips.

It’s all in the name: Instead of overlining your entire lip border, you simply draw an oval shape in the center of your pout. By focusing on the middle of your lips, it makes them look super pouty, which can create the illusion of more volume. That’s why experts often recommend tapping some highlighter or a frosty gloss on the center of your top and bottom lips—bringing the attention center helps make your pout look way more plump. 

Scoop your favorite lip liner (personally, I adore Tower28's OneLiner Multi-Liner), and follow along below: 

  1. Start by drawing two tiny dots to guide your lines, one at the top of your Cupid’s bow, and one underneath your bottom lip. “You can draw them as high or as low as you want,” Haek says, depending on how full you want your lips to appear. 
  2. Next, connect those two dots from each side. Draw two semi-circles on each side to create an oval shape in the center of your mouth. (It may help if you close your mouth while drawing, Haek says.) Feel free to fill in those areas as you connect the lines, but make sure not to overline anywhere else besides that oval. 
  3. After drawing your oval, line the rest of your lip area as usual. Make sure to stick to your natural lip border here, since you want to keep that oval shape. 
  4. Finally, apply some gloss to make the lips even poutier. Haek uses the LAWLESS Beauty Forget The Filler Lip Plumping Gloss in the shade “Daisy Pink” (the perfect petal pink hue, IMHO). 
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And there you have it! Plump, natural-looking lips with just a few tweaks. “Notice how pouty they are and you didn’t even touch the rest of your lip,” adds Haek. “You literally just touched the middle by oval-lining.” 

The takeaway. 

If you’re not in love with overlining your lips, you might want to give “oval-lining” a try. By overlining just the middle portion of your pout, you focus the attention center and create a natural-looking fullness. Feel free to top off your work with a lip plumper for even more volume—here’s a list of our absolute favorites.

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