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How To Give Passionate Oral Sex: A Guide For Men & Women

Gia Ravazzotti
Updated on December 8, 2022
Gia Ravazzotti
By Gia Ravazzotti
Gia Ravazzotti is a sex and relationships counselor based in Sydney, Asutralia. She has a master's degree in HIV, STIs, and Sexual Health from the University of Sydney.
December 8, 2022

Let's face it: It's incredibly sexy to observe someone else experiencing sexual pleasure. When partners are truly tuned in to each other, oral sex can be just as arousing and pleasurable to give as it is to receive. But to get the most enjoyment from giving oral sex to another person, one needs to be exceptionally present during the act.

If you are giving your partner oral pleasure simply as a means to an end, then you probably won't enjoy it as much. Getting into the mindset that you are pleasuring your partner for your own stimulation as well can be a real game-changer. These oral sex tips will teach you how to have passionate oral sex that's mutually pleasurable:


Ask permission

First, always ask permission. You may be in the mood to pleasure your partner, but check in with them first. If your partner isn't in the mood (and yes, some people don't enjoy oral sex), then don't be disappointed. Allowing a space in a relationship for either partner to say no without consequence removes many unnecessary barriers regarding sex. Knowing that you both have the freedom to take a rain check creates much more trust and intimacy in your sexual relating than if you react negatively to their "no."


Use your eyes

Before you even start, look at your partner's penis or vagina. I love it when clients tell me that they think their partner's genitalia is beautiful! Have a real, proper look. Notice its contours, size, color, firmness, hairiness. Allow your eyes to take everything in. Does it make you want to smile and giggle? Does it make you more turned on? Whatever arises for you, embrace it. In honoring your partner's parts with your eyes, you begin to realize the complexities of this amazing part of the body.


Use your hands

Slowly and gently begin to run your fingers over your partner's genitalia. If your partner is a man, you might try gliding your fingers over the shaft, treating it like a delicate and treasured item. If your partner is a woman, you may begin by gently stroking her thighs and softly moving to the outer labia. Consider trying a tantric massage, whether a lingam massage for penises or a yoni massage for vulvas.

Again, using your sense of touch, soak it all in. Feel it in every possible way you can and notice every sensation beneath your fingertips. Stroke around the whole area: Include your partner's belly and thighs here, too. Notice what is happening. Is your partner showing signs of pleasure through breath or movement? And importantly, what is it like for you to notice these things? Does it turn you on?


Use your breath

Changing our breath changes the way we experience things, in all areas of life, especially when it comes to sex (the tradition of tantric sex has long existed for a reason!). Before you begin going down on your partner, gently blow on and around their penis or vagina, and the surrounding pubic area. Start farther away, and slowly get closer and closer. Again, be present and mindful, not only to what is happening for your partner, but what is happening within yourself as well.


Use both your tongue and lips

Gently start to use your mouth on their penis or vagina. Remember that oral sex is all about using both your tongue and your lips. If you are willing to explore the idea of the expansive nature of oral pleasure, then dive in with all parts of your mouth!

But remember to work gently at first. Just a flick of the tongue or a chaste kiss in the beginning could intensify your partner's sensations. And for your own benefit, remember to be present to taste, texture, smells, sensations. By now your partner is likely very aroused, and it is highly possible that you are, too. Once you have your mouth on your partner's genitalia, just explore. Try different approaches such as varying pressure or speed of sucking or licking. Remain aware of their responses and use your intuition to keep the "conversation" ongoing.


Use your words

Speaking of conversations, let's get to the difficult topic of communication during oral sex. So often people struggle to communicate about sex, particularly during sex. But how else will you know if your partner is happy with what is happening? So, in the same way you asked permission initially, now ask your partner if they are enjoying things. You can also ask if they might prefer something different or if there is any discomfort. Don't be afraid to gauge your partner's pleasure by asking, asking, asking. Most people are very happy to engage with a lover who is so attentive and considerate. And sometimes just a simple "Do you like that?" can be extremely arousing.


Use your brain...yes, your brain

Many people would believe that for oral to be good, it would have to have the inevitable "grand finale," but this is not true. Oral sex can end in many different ways. You could move to intercourse or manual stimulation. If you really wanted to up the ante, you could stop before your partner's climax and let them take a turn giving you oral stimulation. You could make a game of this, and see how many turns each of you can take before you explode. (Here's our full guide to edging, if you want to learn more.) Or you could simply lie back and cuddle. Keep an open mind, and remember that sex is always different!


Be respectful

This is one of the most important pieces of advice to keep in mind. If your partner has a penis, ensure that you are fully comfortable with whatever arrangement you have with your partner regarding ejaculation before you start going down on them. If you need them to warn you if they are going to ejaculate so you can change your tactic, then tell them that. If you are comfortable for them to ejaculate in your mouth, tell them that too.

And regardless of the gender of your partner, keep in mind that your needs as the "giver" need to be taken into account. Respect is a two-way street, so make your needs known: No one is a mind-reader!


Don't worry about orgasms

This myth that all sexual activity must end in climax often derails people. Expectations are set up, and then when they are not met, disappointment ensues. People can feel inadequate that they haven't had an orgasm or feel as if they are not doing it right if their partner didn't have an orgasm. If you remove all the hype around orgasm, you create an environment that facilitates relaxation and enjoyment. Sometimes it is good enough to just feel those amazing sensations without focusing on the goal!


Have fun

This goes for all sexual activity, but be creative. Loosen up. Light candles and set up a romantic bedroom environment if that works for you. Turn on some soft (or loud!) music if that gets you in the mood. There are no right answers. The key is remaining in the moment and allowing yourself to loosen up and have a great time. After all, that's what pleasure is all about.

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Gia Ravazzotti

Gia Ravazzotti is a sex and relationships counselor based in Sydney, Asutralia. She has a master's degree in HIV, STIs, and Sexual Health from the University of Sydney and is working toward her Ph.D. in Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Sciences from the University of New England.