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Return To Balance Using This 3-Step Reiki Practice For Energetic Clearing

Maria Dattilo
By Maria Dattilo
mbg Contributor
Maria Dattilo is a women’s circle facilitator, certified Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, photographer, and writer.
Woman Meditating at Home
Image by Micky Weswedel / Stocksy

Reiki is a powerful way to develop a relationship with your body’s subtle energies and incorporate deeper energy healing into your life. It asks you to imagine your clearest vibrational state, and then to activate that frequency within your present moment and transfer that energy into the body through intentional touch.

When we know that no matter what happens, we can bring ourselves back into that balance, we walk with a greater sense of trust in ourselves and in life. Such energy work allows us to move through our daily reality as our most authentic selves.

These three guided reiki practices gently bring you through the process of coming into your heart’s truest frequency by tapping into your deepest meditative state, clearing the subtle field of any dense energies, and then re-anchoring the entire body back into harmony.

Enjoy practicing with this sacred dance with your own energy field, and watch your life shift in response. 


Come into the space of quiet and stillness within your own heart

Find a comfortable meditative position—either laying down on your back or sitting up tall in half lotus, depending on your energy levels—and follow these steps:

  1. Slowly allow yourself to drop in to yourself by drawing the breath inward.
  2. Hovering your hand two inches from your third eye chakra area, the space between the eyebrows, begin a downward swiping motion. 
  3. Repeat this motion with each exhale, visualizing your energy sinking from the mind into the body.
  4. With each inhale, visualize yourself anchoring deeper into your body.
  5. When you reach the energetic sweet spot—I like to call this the inner temple—place your hand on your heart and breathe this grounding frequency into it, essentially tuning the hand with the frequency of the heart. (This is the frequency you will share with the rest of the body in part 3.)

Awaken life force energy and clear density 

Now that you are present within your heart space, allow yourself some space and time to clear any layers of illusion, distraction, or tightness within your subtle body.

  1. Tune into where in the body you are holding on to tension.
  2. Now, begin use those same swiping motions with your hand, exhaling sharply with each swipe, moving down the center line of your body. Imagine each breath is releasing another layer of distortion. 
  3. Take energetic inventory of your body here. Tune into the sensations you feel after clearing your field. What sensations are alive in what parts of the body? Take note of this, scanning from the head to the feet. 
  4. Affirm the energetic principle that everything being cleared now is making space for what is in greater alignment with your deepest potential of presence. Here we are preparing the body to receive the reiki attunement

Give yourself a self attunement 

With the body now grounded and open to receive, you now get to attune yourself with reiki healing. At this phase of your drop-in, your hand is infused with your soul frequency and can prepare to share this energy with the rest of the body. 

  1. Begin at the crown chakra, located at the top of the head, with your chosen hand. With your palm facing inward toward the body, gently allow your fingers to come together.
  2. Hover the hand about 2 inches from your head, or place your hand directly onto the crown, depending on your preference.
  3. Here, activate your home frequency. Imagining warm light extending onto the body from your hand and begin to work your way down, following the center line.
  4. Trace the hand over the entire body, feeling for any subtle blocks. Allow your hand to gently make winding motions as it activates your body.
  5. Feel into your inner landscape; In any area that feels tense, circle the hand counter-clockwise, imagining the golden light loosening the blocks.
  6. Work downward, continuing to tap in to the areas in the body open to receive and the areas that ask for more time and attention. 
  7. Continue to work your way down the body as many times as needed, placing focus on the main chakra energy centers.
  8. Continue this process until you feel you're done.

The takeaway

Reiki asks us to dare to imagine that we are the master of our own energy field, and to incorporate practices into our daily routines that support that remembrance. Try this ceremony-with-self to invite deeper energy healing into your life, open you to greater fluency in the language of your subtle energy body, and allow your life meet to you in the next level of your embodiment.

Maria Dattilo author page.
Maria Dattilo

Maria Dattilo is a women’s circle facilitator, certified Reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, photographer, and writer. She provides energetic mentorship to humans ready to sink into the next level of heart-led embodiment through community higher self circles and 1:1 work. Dattilo is passionate about holding spaces to connect folks with their hearts through breathwork, visualization, somatic work, channeled writing, and sacred community time.

You can find more about her and inquire about working with her at and on her social media pages at