12 Reasons To Use Incense

Written by Sara Courter

I grew up with incense. My dad would burn it on weekend mornings, the healing fragrance drifting from the ledge of a windowsill into our home. 

Burning incense is a peaceful act, recalls loving memories in abundance, and compliments my yoga practice, meditation practice, and relaxing at home perfectly.

So how do you pick the perfect incense for yourself? Consider what use you have for incense, find non-toxic, all natural, hand rolled sticks, and an aroma (or six!) that resonates with you, and you’re ready explore one of these 12 fun ways to use incense!

1. To practice yoga. 

You don’t want to be breathing toxic fumes, artificial fragrances, and yucky junk when practicing yoga.

2. To meditate.

Tantalize your sense of smell as you sink into bliss.

3. To unwind.

Ultimately life is about feeling good, connecting with oneself, and finding a sacred moment in this busy world to simply be.Curled up with a mug of tea and a book.

4. To encourage emotional release.

Scents can be geared specifically towards encouraging emotional reactions. Some foster tranquility, calming our nervous system; others promote a sense of joy and energy. Some incense fragrances even heighten sensuality and physical arousal.

5. To deepen spirituality.

Incense is like a portal for me to deepen my attention spiritually. Historically, incense has been used to uplift the spirit, heighten the senses, and bring peace and harmony to the mind.

6. To get inspired. 

We all have aromas that resonate with us on some powerful level. For me, it’s vanilla. Over the years I’ve found raspberry, sandalwood, lavender and jasmine to elicit powerful emotions. Certain aromas inspire my poetry writing while others inspire my fiction, and others inspire my yoga practice.

7. To revamp your routine.

Just like you might routinely come home and throw on the TV to zone out, consider lighting a stick of incense as part of your evening routine.

8. To heighten awareness. 

Connecting with one’s sense of smell through the use of incense is a profound way to heighten awareness

9. To nurturing a sense of self. 

You have a drink, a favorite food, a signature hobby, why not have a signature incense?

10. To heal.

Journaling is a very therapeutic practice for me and, accompanied by incense, proves immensely healing.

11. To soothe. 

I really love taking a hot bubble bath with some incense on the windowsill of my shower.

12. To get it on. 

Yep, you heard me. Give the candles a break tonight and light up some incense to get in the mood instead.

Incense can prove incredibly beneficial to one’s yoga or meditation practice, as well as a soothing ritual to feel at home and comforted on any day. Find an aroma that resonates with you and welcome the healing power of incense into your life.

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