I Always Hide Crystals In My Bra. Here's Why

Written by Laura Ellis

Photo by Stocksy

Well, first off, let's address the elephant in the room ...

I hide healing crystals in my bra. A lot. (So much so that after a few too many cracked mirrors from crystals being flung around during the ol' bra removal process, I created crystal bra clips.)

Since I "came out" about my hippie secret, though, I've been asked quite a lot about why I choose to hide them away in my bra. Why not just wear a bracelet or something?

At first I'd always say it's because I didn't want a big orb hanging around my neck or a massive obelisk dangling from my ear that screams "helllllppp meeeeee" or "hippppppiiiieeeee."

While it's true that I don't want a gaudy pendant clashing with my outfit, there's a little more to it than that. There's something about why I hide them that makes me a little nervous to speak up about. But now that I'm wearing a hunk of aquamarine to give me a little courage, I can share the real reason I starting shoving healing crystals into my bra:

I made the decision that it was no one else's business what I was working toward in life, so I hid the evidence that I was working on anything at all. And more importantly, it was no one else's responsibility to get me there, so why share?

Choosing to protect what my priorities are has been super empowering, and super effective.

Hiding a healing crystal in my bra is a nice, personal reminder that I've made the decision to own my situation and tread my own path. There's zero risk of someone tearing my big, juicy dreams down ... because they have no idea!

Wow, that was nowhere near as hard to write as I thought! Pats crystal appreciatively.

Your dreams and aspirations are precious and sensitive things, especially in the beginning. Of course, there's a time and place to stand up and tell the world about them, but sometimes you've gotta keep those babies close to your chest for a while.

Choosing to protect what my priorities are has been super empowering, and super effective.

Hence the crystal-in-bra addiction. It's literally become my secret weapon to building the life I want, on my terms.

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