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Rachel Mansfield

mbg Contributor

Rachel Mansfield lives in the heart of Manhattan with her husband, Jordan. She has her bachelor’s in business administration and media communications from Muhlenberg College, and in early 2015 created her eponymous Instagram account followed by her blog a few months later. Since then she’s worked with top brands in the health, fitness, food, and wellness spaces and has formed an amazing community surrounding her passion for deliciously clean eats. Mansfield's goal and passion is to share food that not only tastes amazing but makes you feel amazing.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

Do what makes you feel your most magical and amazing self. There are so many trends and new wellness stories coming out daily, and it can be so overwhelming. We are constantly trying to keep up with the latest superfoods, workouts, and more. And while those can be quite delicious or fun, what works for one person may not work for another. This applies to all aspects of our lives especially food, fitness, and even forms of self-care. I focus on what makes me feel my personal best, and listening to my body has been a key part of my wellness journey.

What brought you into wellness?

I pretty much had an IV of Diet Coke in my arm in college and my first year out of school. I have counted calories, I have overeaten, and I have obsessed, but it led me to where I am today. My passion for wellness started when I was in my early 20s, when mindbodygreen was on my browser at my desk and my co-workers were wondering what the beep I was reading. I loved and still love finding ways to make myself feel like my best self and inspire others to feel like their best selves, to feel well—particularly by eating Paleo Banana Bread made with wholesome ingredients and a dreamy almond butter drizzle.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

While we are all so different in what fuels us, what invigorates us and what we do each day, we are all in this community together. What you do for you affects the others around you. The better care of yourself you take, the better it will help those around you.

What gets you up in the morning?

Besides eating a bowl of overnight oats or a smoothie bowl with extra granola clusters? The urge to create, to inspire, to be. I don’t take any day for granted. I cannot say that was always the case, but each day is another opportunity to pursue our dreams and learn even more about ourselves.