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The One Hack That Organized My Kitchen For Good

Rachel Mansfield
March 27, 2018
Rachel Mansfield
By Rachel Mansfield
mbg Contributor
Rachel Mansfield lives in the heart of Manhattan with her husband, Jordan, and has her bachelor’s in business administration and media communications from Muhlenberg College.
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March 27, 2018

Spring is officially here—and with it comes the time-honored tradition of dusting off winter’s cobwebs and giving our homes a good cleaning. This year, mbg is teaming up with trusted experts across all walks of wellness to provide a full week of spring cleaning inspiration. Today, pioneering recipe developer and mindbodygreen Collective member Rachel Mansfield spills the one hack that organized her kitchen for good.

Most people get excited by closets filled with beautiful shoes, bags, and dresses. I personally get giddy over a fully stocked fridge, gorgeous marble backsplash, and perfectly organized pantry filled to the brim with healthy goodies.

As a chef and recipe developer, living in the city for the past few years has certainly put my kitchen organization skills to the test. It isn’t easy fitting my nut butter and granola collection, ceramic bowls, and dozens of recipes into a tiny space. I'll admit that in the past I've resorted to keeping random tools and gadgets in the oven, sticking pots and pans in the microwave, and filling up every inch of wall space with shelves for extra storage (any other city dwellers with me?). But recently, I stumbled across an organizing hack that totally transformed my kitchen.

Here's how I use sustainable glassware to organize all my kitchen essentials.

When my husband and I moved into our new apartment a few months ago, I went crazy buying every large glass container I could find. These jars have been essential for keeping my kitchen organized and giving me my sanity back when I'm busy cooking in the kitchen day after day.

The jars range from large to small with basically every in-between size you could imagine, and I use them for essentials like baking flours, nuts, seeds, granolas, and grains. It seems so simple, but the fact that they're clear makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for—plus they're so aesthetically pleasing to look at. I even keep a few of the nut-filled ones on my countertops for both munching and decor. Easy access to a healthy snack and salad toppings? Count me in. I also have a few smaller ones in my fridge that house seeds and nuts that need to be refrigerated.

Making the small investment in jars for all the staple nuts, seeds, flours, and more has made my pantry feel so much less cluttered, plus I'm able to restock them at bulk bins so I don't go through so much packaging. Win-win!

Hey, you! Pare down your kitchen cabinets to these 12 essential tools, and you'll have everything you ever need to prep healthy meals at home.

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Rachel Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield lives in the heart of Manhattan with her husband, Jordan. She has her bachelor’s in business administration and media communications from Muhlenberg College, and in early 2015 created her eponymous Instagram account followed by her blog a few months later. Since then she’s worked with top brands in the health, fitness, food, and wellness spaces and has formed an amazing community surrounding her passion for deliciously clean eats. Mansfield's goal and passion is to share food that not only tastes amazing but makes you feel amazing.