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Blogger Rachel Mansfield's 3 Most Surprising Health Hacks

mbg Contributor By Rachel Mansfield
mbg Contributor
Rachel Mansfield lives in the heart of Manhattan with her husband, Jordan, and has her bachelor’s in business administration and media communications from Muhlenberg College.

Most people think that in order to be and feel healthy, you have to eat healthy meals and get regular exercise. But there is so much more to achieving optimal health. In order to feel like our best selves, we need to go beyond the standard wellness rituals we all know and read about.

Personally, I could easily share 20 or 30 of my favorite ways to stay healthy, but to start I’ll share my three most surprising health hacks that I know you’ll love as much as I do:

1. I take prenatal vitamins.

Yup, you read that right. Despite not being in the "prenatal phase" of my life, I’ve been taking mykind Organics Gummies from Garden of Life® for quite a while now. I love taking prenatals because they’re so good for my hair, skin, and nails. Seriously, prenatal vitamins and hair are a match made in heaven, and the gummy vitamins make them so much more fun. Who doesn’t love eating a delicious berry gummy?


2. I add veggies to my smoothie bowl.

I know, I’m not exactly the originator of this idea, but once I learned this health hack, I never looked back. And I’m always shocked when people haven’t tried it yet! I was pretty hesitant about adding veggies to my smoothie bowl at first, but after some experimenting I found a few amazing combinations. Some of my favorite veggies to add are zucchini and cauliflower; they really help bulk up the smoothie without adding any sugar. Plus, you’re getting some veggies in your breakfast, which can be hard to do! I like to freeze raw or steamed zucchini slices, but there is really no wrong way to do it. Raw, cooked, anything goes! Just make sure they’re nice and cold when you add them.

3. I make my own one-ingredient hair mask.

One of my absolute best wellness secrets is my DIY hair mask made from coconut oil and nothing else (talk about saving money on hair products). By using Garden of Life’s coconut oil, my hair stays shiny, nourished, and I’m even convinced it helps my hair grow more quickly! Once a week I put a little bit on my hands and add it to the ends of my hair. Then I wrap it into a big top bun and let it marinate while I sleep. When I wake up the next day I wash it out, and my hair feels unbelievably smooth and hydrated. You may have to shampoo twice in the shower, but I am telling you—it’s worth it!

I share a ton of health hacks on my Instagram, but these are some of my favorite and most surprising. I try to incorporate fun wellness rituals like these into my week so taking care of myself never feels like a chore. Staying healthy should be fun—am I right?


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