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Elizabeth Inglese

The Essential Feminist Reading List Curated By NYC's Women-Only Social Club

They're the perfect gifts for the thinkers—women and men!—on your gift lists.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 15 2016

This Illustrated Book Is The Perfect Gift For The Foodies On Your List

Julia Rothman's Food Anatomy is the perfect gift for every eater on your list.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 11 2016

6 Things You Need To Know Today (December 9)

All the wellness news you need to know, including optimism as the key to longevity and two new Olympic sports.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 9 2016

The Complete Guide To Treating & Preventing Hangovers

You don't need to avoid the season's parties; just arm yourself with knowledge, and enjoy!

Elizabeth Inglese
December 8 2016

Standing Rock Rejoices As Feds Block Drilling Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

Feds announced Sunday it will seek a new route, around the Standing Rock reservation, for the Dakota Access pipeline.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 5 2016

How To Winterify Your Favorite Juice

Cold-press juices aren't just summertime staples. Here's how to drink them all year-round.

Elizabeth Inglese
December 2 2016

Mimi Thorisson's Tips For Entertaining The French Way

Stressed about hosting Thanksgiving dinner? French blogger Mimi Thorisson has 8 kids and 10 dogs and says entertaining can be a breeze.

Elizabeth Inglese
November 22 2016

Chocolate-Covered, Almond-Butter-Filled Sandwich Cookies (Oh, And They're Gluten-Free!)

Melted chocolate? Check! Gooey almond butter? Check! These sandwich cookies are straight out of your gluten-free dreams.

Elizabeth Inglese
November 18 2016

13 Go-To Delivery Orders You Can (Easily!) Make At Home

What's your Wednesday night weakness? Pizza? Pad Thai? We've got recipes better than delivery that are a snap to make.

Elizabeth Inglese
November 17 2016

Exclusive: Could A New Startup Make Taking Your Vitamins Cool?

Magnesium from Irish seawater and calcium from Icelandic algae? Say hello to the future of supplements.

Elizabeth Inglese
November 16 2016

LA's Newest Juice Hotspot, Lifehouse Tonic, Shares Its Best Adaptogenic Recipes

Lifehouse Tonic is upping L.A.'s smoothie game. Hit the Sunset Boulevard storefront, or head straight for your home blender. We've got the recipes for...

Elizabeth Inglese
November 8 2016

An All-Ayurvedic Restaurant Just Landed In NYC—Here's A Recipe You Can Make At Home

Ayurvedic cooking doesn't have to be limited to Indian cuisine. Meet the chef applying the ancient cooking technique to Italian cuisine, and more!

Elizabeth Inglese
November 7 2016

How To Protect Your Gut And Support Your Body While Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics can be lifesavers, but they take a toll on your body. Here's how to keep your system strong.

Elizabeth Inglese
November 4 2016