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It's been a busy month at mbg! We've been hitting down dog in sunny Brooklyn Bridge Park on our lunch breaks and taking in the late summer sunsets with alfresco dinners on our roof deck. Are you getting outside to soak in this gorgeous season? We hope so! If, between pitching camp tents and ducking under ocean waves, you missed some of July's best stories, fear not! We've rounded them up for you here. Read on, get inspired, live life.

Gabby Douglas On The Game-Changing Words That Helped Her Win A Gold Medal

"I've been in awe of Gabby Douglas since the Olympics last year, so getting to meet and interview her was unreal. She was so down to earth, even after all her success."—Leigh Weingus, mbg Senior Fitness Editor

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This National Geographic Explorer Studies The Most Magical Part Of Our Oceans

"David Gruber's insights into how climate change is a problem of human psychology have stayed with me for weeks."—Emma Loewe, mbg Associate Green & Home Editor

A Football Camp In A Tiny Texas Town Now Offers Yoga. Here's Why Every Single Player Is Doing It

"I'm admittedly a 'Friday Night Lights' fan, and when I read a local news story about a small Texas town offering yoga to football players, I was enthralled. Talking to coaches who had barely heard the words 'downward facing dog' and are now embracing it was so inspiring."—Leigh Weingus, mbg Senior Fitness Editor

The Anti-Inflammatory Iced Tea You'll Want To Sip All Day Long (It's Caffeine-Free!)

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"Refreshingly perfect for summer, this iced tea relies on fresh herbs for its delicious flavor. It's what I'm drinking all summer long."—Liz Moody, mbg Senior Food Editor

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The Real Reason Sound Baths Are Still A Rising Trend

"Sound baths were popular with the niche yoga crowd a few years back, but they've since become widely accessible. It was fascinating to chat with Sara Auster about the other invisible forces that are at work on the body and mind during a sound bath."—Lindsay Kellner, mbg Senior Wellness & Beauty Editor

I'm An Ex-Bodybuilder: Here's Why I Think Food Is More Important Than Exercise

"I loved hearing this contributor (a bodybuilder!) weigh in on the exercise versus diet debate."—Gretchen Lidicker, mbg Associate Health Editor

The Giant Houseplant Your Life Is Missing (And How To Keep It Happy)

"I always love collaborating with one of my favorite NYC shops, The Sill, on these visual guides to plant care. After noticing big, vibrant houseplants popping up everywhere, this piece finally gave me the confidence to get a fiddle leaf fig of my own!" —Emma Loewe, mbg Associate Green & Home Editor

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This Is The Single Greatest Barrier To Discovering Your Life's True Purpose

"In this piece, Mike Iamele turns conventional wisdom surrounding what 'purpose' is and how we can create it on its head. It actually changed the way I pursue purpose in my life."—Allison Daniels, mbg Happiness & Relationships Editor

How To Take Control Of Your Digestion For Life

"For anyone interested in optimizing their gut health, this is the place to go. It's a deep dive into all things digestion from one of the best gut doctors out there!"—Gretchen Lidicker, mbg Associate Health Editor

10 WOC-Owned Beauty Brands Everyone Will Love

"I've followed Desiree's journey for a while and was thrilled when she agreed to let us peek into her trove of natural beauty treasures."—Lindsay Kellner, mbg Senior Wellness & Beauty Editor

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