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Study Finds This Type Of Workout Is Best For People With Down Syndrome

How these high-intensity (and fun) exercises can improve the health of people with Down syndrome.

Abby Moore
20 hours ago

Will An Annual Cancer Test Become Standard? Possibly, Thanks To New Research

A blood test that may be able to diagnose five types of cancer up to four years before other symptoms appear.

Eliza Sullivan
July 29

Stinky After A Workout? New Study Finds The Real Cause Of B.O.

There's a reason there's an entire beauty and body care market dedicated to stopping and masking B.O.—no one wants to smell bad.

Why This Type Of Honey May Be Better For Blood Sugar Balance

You've heard of Manuka honey, but have you heard of stingless bee honey?

Eliza Sullivan
July 23

Polluted Areas Can Increase Blood Pressure, But Doing This May Help

Air pollution has long been associated with poor heart health, but this may help.

Abby Moore
July 21

The Psychology Of "Turbo Relationships" & Will They Last After COVID?

These fast-tracked few months have led to what are now being called "turbo relationships."

Sarah Regan
July 20

Researchers Discover This Spice May Have Antiviral Properties

Curcumin may help combat some viruses, new research has found.

Eliza Sullivan
July 17