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It's Betty White's 98th Birthday: Here Are 3 Secrets To Her Longevity

She's an incredible example of the value of passion and purpose for a healthy life.

Eliza Sullivan
14 hours ago

The Most Consumed Oil In The US Can Change The Brain (For The Worse)

Soybean oil is considered the most widely produced and consumed oil in America.

Sarah Regan
16 hours ago

Making Marathons & Races More Green With Sustainable Hydration

Oakland is trialing a new way to make races free of plastic cups.

Eliza Sullivan
a day ago

The Science Of Why You Are (Or Aren't) Attracted To Men With Beards

The study found that, overall, the female participants found men with beards more attractive.

Eliza Sullivan
2 days ago

How Oprah Feels About Getting Older: "Life Only Gets Better"

Her new tour plans to focus on health and wellness with the goal of making 2020 "the year of transformation and triumph."

Christina Coughlin
3 days ago

New Study Identifies Link Between Gut Health & Parkinson's Disease

Did you know that Parkinson's disease is currently the fastest growing neurological condition in the world?

Christina Coughlin
3 days ago

Last Year Was The Second Warmest Since 1880, According To NASA & NOAA

The National Center For Environmental Information released their Global Climate Report for 2019, and things seem to be heating up—literally.

Christina Coughlin
3 days ago

New Research Reveals How Burnout Can Mess With Your Heart Health

A new study found that burnout can contribute to impaired heart health.

Eliza Sullivan
4 days ago