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Is Athleisure A Bubble Ready To Burst?

Are you ready to give up your yoga pants? Yeah, didn't think so.

Elizabeth Inglese
March 9 2017

Do We Need To Debunk The Detox?

Are there poisons in your body? Is your digestive system tired? Do you need a detox, or a reality check? We talk to doctors, nutritionists, and...

Elizabeth Inglese
February 7 2017

I Spent $1.50 A Day On Food. Here's How I Did It

Nearly 1.2 billion people in this world are struggling just to eat every day. They are living on less than $1.50 a day — the cost of half of my daily...

Gabriel Kennedy
May 5 2015

What Living In India Taught Me About Food

I distinctly remember getting off the plane in Chennai, India for my first overseas position with American Jewish World Service. I was 28 years old,...

Kenden Alfond
December 25 2014

The Secret To Perfect Happiness (And Other Lessons From Bhutan)

I just got back from a trip to Bhutan, a small Himalayan country located between Nepal, India and Tibet. Bhutan is ruled by a beloved 5th generation...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
November 25 2014

These 5 Spices Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

With my Indian background, eating spicy, flavorful food was almost mandatory. At our family dinner table, anyone who didn’t add hot peppers to pizza...

Nagina Abdullah
August 8 2014

A Woman Paid Photoshop Pros In 25 Countries To Make Her "Beautiful"

Esther Honig took a picture of herself and paid Photoshop experts around the world to make her image look beautiful. The results, captured in a slide...

June 27 2014

5 Rules To Keep Your Children's Internet Use Healthy

Like it or not, we now have a culture where many children have an online presence before they're even born, with their parents uploading regular posts...

Pettina Stanghon
March 24 2014

10 Phases Of Holiday Homecomings

So you left your hometown, wherever that is, for a reason. You moved on to bigger aspirations, brighter lights, more opportunity, or something like...

Tara Stiles
December 23 2013

Q&A With Peter Tunney: Legendary Artist Discusses Sobriety, Inspiration & Creativity

You've probably seen Peter Tunney's work but didn't know he was the brains behind it. Tunney's billboards, with inspirational phrases such as "The...

Kerry Shaw
January 22 2013

Anonymous Note In Restroom Goes Viral

This incredibly thoughtful note posted in the women's restroom at a university has gone viral on reddit.

January 19 2013

The Biggest Farm Bill Loser (Video)

This video is funny, sad, and true. What do you think?

Jason Wachob
January 5 2013

Portlandia - Meditation Crush (Hilarious Video)

We love this hilarious video for the upcoming season of Portlandia. (Thanks to our friends at Shambhala for the tip!)

November 10 2012

What You Need to Know About the World's Water (Infographic)

We all know the global supply of water is limited, but this informative graphic puts some amazing numbers to the situation:

October 31 2012

Enough with the Labels!

I’ve come to a conclusion: labels repel me.

Sara Courter
October 9 2012

Project Utopia: Why Apocalyptic Thinking Is Lazy

The world lies in ruin. Everywhere buildings have crumbled. The sea boils with toxic spills. Nuclear fallout discolors the sky. The dregs of humanity...

Danielle Orner
September 27 2012

My 10 Biggest Fears of Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

Rational or not, I have some real fears about my upcoming switch to a plant-based diet. Starting next week, I will be cutting out animal protein,...

Michelle Alcon
September 26 2012

My 3-Year-Old Is Texting?!

My parents were in town last week they watched my three-year-old during the day while I was working. While driving around downtown Boulder, my mother...

Hayley Hobson
September 20 2012

10 Life Lessons from Forrest Gump

Yes, Forrest Gump was one very wise man. Here are ten life lessons from the character that Tom Hanks made famous back in 1994.

Anne Jones
September 17 2012