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8 Simple Tweaks That Will Make Your Home Infinitely More Joyful

January 2, 2021
In 2021, we're focusing on joy. After the year we've had, cultivating and celebrating small moments of happiness as they come has never felt more cathartic, life-affirming, and essential to lasting well-being. In the coming weeks, we're going to laugh, experience new things, and revamp stale aspects of daily life. Come back each day for a new "Resolution Joy" installment, where you'll find inspiration and expert-backed advice, free classes, and—dare we say?—fun activities.
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Back on one of the most challenging New Year's Eves of my life, I decided that, moving forward, I would do everything in my power to find happiness.

I repeated this resolution all the time in conversations ("I'm focused on being happy this year") and let it guide many a decision. Ultimately, it led me to a new home, a new career, and much more that I never expected or even dreamed was possible.

As wild and risky as it often felt to make the choices that would bring me joy, doing so ended up bringing me to what was, in many ways, the most successful year I'd ever had. After that, that practice of choosing more happiness in even the smallest ways became somewhat second nature.

Fast-forward to this past year. During such a tumultuous time, making joy my greatest commodity was even more of a challenge. Still, I tried to find it as often as possible—and designing my environment for happiness really helped. 

Bringing more joy to your home can be a way of focusing on the small and big moments that light up life and keep the positive momentum flowing. Here are some small ideas that can have a big impact on joy at home:


Play music.

All kinds, all day long! It's an instant space-changer and mood-shifter, and it's worth mentioning that sound is a healing modality.

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Try some hygge.

The Danish art of happiness has gotten wildly popular for a reason—it really works! Think "cozy" in the new year: Wear cozy clothes, pull out a blanket and drape it on your sofa, light candles, pull out your favorite books, make tea or hot chocolate. (I'm entranced by the trending Hot Chocolate Bombs—chocolate balls filled with hot cocoa mix that dissolve into hot milk...) The idea is to keep things soft, warm, and as comforting as possible. 


Bring on the citrus.

Both lemons and oranges have a long symbolic history of brightening up spaces in feng shui. Fill big bowls in the kitchen, dining room, or living room with fresh citrus to light up your space with fresh energy. And yes, please eat them and refill as needed!

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Add more rainbows.

Multicolored spectra of color are also multicolored spectra of energy. Add a colorful painting to a wall, get a rainbow-colored computer background, eat more colors in your foods, wear more colors when you're lounging at home...all of it can help you feel a joy shift.


Make your metaphysical favorites a part of your home décor.

So many people I know keep their oracle cards tucked away under wraps, essential oils in the backs of drawers, and crystals stowed in a cabinet. Whatever spiritual tools you love to work with—dried herbs, oils, decks of cards, gemstones, incense—consider how you can more prominently feature them in your home this year.

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Activate crafty spaces.

I've had clients transform their careers, relationships, and self-esteem simply by creating space for creativity at home. Your craft area doesn't need to be large to be life-changing. A small table, a corner, or a spot on the balcony is perfect.


Display your artwork.

Once you have a space set aside for creativity, display the art that comes from it. And, if you have kids, roommates, a partner, or other family members at home, get their creations on your walls too. When you see your art-and-crafted creations every day, it's incredibly inspiring. And when everyone in your home sees their creativity on display, you can all feel that connection and pride together.

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And...deep clean! 

I left this one for last, not because I think cleaning is drudgery but because you might not love it. But never underestimate the power of a deep clean. It can bring instant rewards including fresh energy, more flow, more clarity, more sparkle...and more magnetism all around.

And with that, I'm wishing you and your home so much joy in the year ahead.

Dana Claudat
Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. In the last 15 years Claudat has pioneered her own approach to Feng Shui that is rooted in infinite possibility, creativity and empowerment. Rather than hope for lucky results and outcomes, she helps her clients to create them every day.

She’s a Stanford-educated art historian with more than a decade of experience in design yet her approach to space is simple. Claudat is a longtime mindbodygreen contributor and instructor (she may have had a hand in the hundreds of plants in mindbodygreen headquarters!), and her work has been featured in design and lifestyle publications around the world.

You can work with her from wherever you are in the world in her online Feng Shui Camps and through her Online Feng Shui Consultations.

You can sign up for her weekly Feng Shui Rituals, including rituals for every New and Full Moon, right here!

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