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What's In Store For The Month Of October, According To A Professional Intuitive

Natasha Levinger
October 3, 2022
Natasha Levinger
Author & Energy Healer
By Natasha Levinger
Author & Energy Healer
Natasha Levinger teaches inner child healing and is a professional intuitive reader and energy healer. She is co-host of the spiritual podcast Magic Monday. Her book, "Inner Child Healing," comes out in Spring 2023. Natasha is offering three free meditations to mindbodygreen readers who sign up for her newsletter.
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October 3, 2022
Each month, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what's in store for us in the weeks ahead.
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October has been on my radar since early June when a friend asked if I was getting information about the year ahead. This month felt wonky at best and tumultuous at worst. But I want to give a big caveat here—I believe that whenever I (or anyone else) make a prediction about possible future energy, it should never be anything to fear.

It's all about using the information (or not, if it doesn't resonate) to see how to work with the energy in a way that best serves your life.

When we do our best to greet each moment with acceptance, we are giving ourselves seniority. When we look ahead with fear, we are giving our power to a possibility that hasn't even played out yet.

I hope this monthly forecast empowers you with tools and information to feel centered and present regardless of what's going on around you. So let's get to it!

Energy reading for October 2022: The month gets off to a messy start.

The first couple of weeks of October feel a little muddy. Mercury is getting out of retrograde pretty quickly on October 2, but there is always a shadow period afterward when that retrograde energy lingers. Using the three "retrograde R's" (review, reflect, and redo) will still come in handy at the start of the month.

When visualizing the weeks ahead, I'm getting an image of a person wearing galoshes in the mud and trying to walk quickly but being forced to slow down. This could prove to be a period when your projects aren't getting off the ground as fast as you want them to, your communications are feeling flat, or you feel like doing nothing more than binge-reading your favorite cozy mysteries. And hey, it's fall, who can blame you! 

Let yourself do whatever you need to do, with as much acceptance as you can. I'm very grateful there's been an increased wave of people talking about how freeing it is to look at your life beyond the lens of how productive you are or what you have accomplished.

If we are looking at our life as a series of tasks to accomplish, when the energy is feeling more sticky, we then go into resistance and often blame ourselves.

When we can look at our life as something that is unfolding, that inevitably ebbs and flows, then we can have more acceptance.

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Later on in the month: Things start to ease up.

The third week of October feels lighter and brighter. I'm seeing an image of light coming in through the trees—a joyful energy coming in to light up what we love about our lives. It has a real "kids playing in the leaves laughing" kind of energy to it. A feeling of gratitude comes through, and it could be a time when you may feel more motivated to start a gratitude list if you haven't already.

The last week of October hits differently. When I felt this in June, I didn't know what was going on astrologically, but I have since learned there's an eclipse in Scorpio, which lines right up with what I was picking up on. Both Scorpio energy and eclipses, in general, are signifiers of looking at shadowy material-feelings (often from the past) that we have been pushing down or trying to hide from.

The good news is that we really have nothing to fear. What we feel ashamed of or afraid of within can always transform and will look less scary when we turn on the proverbial lights and bring it up to examine. Our shadow material is just our inner child that needs our love and attention. Sure, they might be behaving critically or trying to scare you, but when you talk to them, you will likely find out they were putting on a big act to get your attention and really just need your compassion.

Tools to work with this month.

Early in the month:

The medicine for the muddy energy at the top of the month is to accept, allow, rinse, and repeat. Try a mantra to repeat to yourself if you notice you're resisting what's happening. Also, before you sign any contracts or send a heated email, be sure to check if any of them need to be reviewed, revised, or redone.

Here are some prompts/mantras to get you started:

  • Can I allow what is to be?
  • How can I allow my life to be effortless and easy?
  • May I allow myself to be right here, right now, in this moment.

The third week of the month:

This week offers an opening to feel more gratitude. When you wake up, think of five things you're grateful for. If you're having a hard time, think about what in your life is supporting you, even in the tiniest way. Writing it down helps to solidify your connection to it in your body.

The last week of the month:

The last week of October would be great for inner child work. As an inner child expert, I am biased, but this work is so powerful, especially when difficult feelings are coming to the surface. Try putting your hand on your heart and imagine pulling the difficult feeling(s) out of your body. Imagine looking at those feelings with compassion and asking your inner child what it needs.

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The takeaway.

This month starts out muddy on the communication front, and the desire to do anything outside of your house may feel challenging. We'll get a week of lightness about three-quarters of the way in and round out the month with an invitation to examine past hurts with loving compassion.

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Natasha Levinger
Author & Energy Healer

Natasha Levinger is a therapeutic intuitive and inner child healing expert and the founder of Highest Light Healing. With a trauma-informed approach (and plenty of humor and compassion), she empowers self-healers to trust themselves and mend whatever is blocking them from connecting with their intuition. She is also the host of the podcast, Getting to Know Woo, and her book, Healing Your Inner Child, is available for pre-order now.

When you pre-order Healing Your Inner Child, you'll get access to “The Inner Gaze,” an audio class and meditation on connecting to your true knowing and letting go of the need for external validation. Email with a screenshot of your purchase for access.