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3 Different Aura Readings & What They Really Mean, From An Aura Expert

Christina Lonsdale
Conceptual artist By Christina Lonsdale
Conceptual artist
Christina Lonsdale is a conceptual artist who came to prominence through her photography lab, Radiant Human, where she utilizes the Aura Camera to read people's auras.
3 Different Aura Readings & What They Really Mean, From An Aura Expert
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Christina Lonsdale's new book Radiant Human: Discover the Connection Between Color, Identity, and Energy explores auras in their many colors and forms. In this excerpt, Lonsdale breaks down what three different aura readings actually say about their subjects. Energy-curious folks, read on...

Case study: Twins Billy & Felix

twins aura

Image by Christina Lonsdale / Radiant Human


Meet Billy and Felix. They're identical twins.

Most identical twins photograph with similar colors. Yet, upon first glance, they couldn't be more different from each other. On closer evaluation, however, you can see they're more alike than not.

Use your hand and cover up the top portion of both photographs so only the lower corners are seen. Now, look at the lower left-hand corner of the photographs. Both are red, a color I commonly see among young people, especially boys. This color represents new beginnings and survival instinct, which encapsulates the tween age perfectly.

When looking at the lower right-hand corner of the photographs, you can see that both boys have little to no energy, indicating that they might be shy or guarded or stepping into a new phase of their life. The only area of difference is in the area above their heads—the mental field. These boys may act similarly, and internally they're going through comparable stages, but they think very differently from each other.

It's a common mistake to think that the mental area is what energetically dominates the aura. I have found that each area contains equally important information. You can still go through a red experience without having a photograph be all red, as these two photographs illustrate.

Case study: Balanced aura, Joana Mendez

aura photo

Image by Christina Lonsdale / Radiant Human

Joana has a very balanced aura—one of the best I've ever seen.

You can see that both lower corners of the photograph show the same seamless blend of orange, red, and just a touch of tan. Joana is both hardworking (red) and adventurous (orange) and possesses just enough logic (tan) to stay on track. The hue is clean and bright—and indicates she is feeling validation in these areas.

The same healthy energy being held internally is also being expressed and actualized externally and rises up in the mental field—the area above her head. This indicates that Joana has fully synergized the energy in all areas of her life.

The bright green band above her head suggests that she has a long-term goal of some sort that she's working toward, and its bright, healthy hue of growth-oriented green suggests that she probably feels like she is on the right path. The mental field also shows some yellow and tan.

The fact that there's very little bruising among these colors indicates that she's been able to find a good balance among the conflicting values of yellow (freedom) and tan (discipline).

Adapted from an excerpt from Radiant Human: Discover the Connection Between Color, Identity, and Energy by Christina Lonsdale, with permission from the publisher.

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