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6 Grounding Ways To Start Your Day (From A Mindfulness Pro)

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Image by Brittany Leigh Ball

A wise person once told me that the most important hours of the day are the ones before the sun rises. I never knew how true those words were until I became my own boss and parent of a little one. Capitalizing on those precious moments first thing in the morning has made life not only more organized but far more enjoyable. I know better than anyone what it feels like to be stretched thin, running on empty, and experiencing burnout at the cost of your well-being. Sound familiar? Here are some tips I use every day that will help you flip that narrative and take life from a glass-half-empty perspective to a cup that is overflowing. 


Your nutrition is key. 

Image by Brittany Leigh Ball

I've learned firsthand how important it is to fuel my body to keep going. I wear many hats, as I am sure many of us do. We hold many titles throughout our days, and it's crucial to not only give our bodies what they need for ourselves but also for our loved ones. First thing after your body wakes and you give in to a nice stretch, drink your water. After this, I grab a Chocolate Sea Salt RXBAR, or maybe a cup of RX A.M. Oats. I appreciate the simplicity of RXBAR's real-food snacks because what you see is what you get (seriously, it's all on the label).


Breathwork is more powerful than you think.

Image by Brittany Leigh Ball

I cannot express the importance of meditation. I think back sometimes on what life looks like before I understood this practice and chuckle to myself. There is an art to stillness. Not only does it set the tone for the day, but it gives you the opportunity to go inward and live life with a greater sense of purpose. Oftentimes we look at life imagining rushing through a finish line, when, in fact, the beauty is in every step of the journey. Meditation has helped me focus on the importance of single moments. Acknowledging that happiness won't come when we have simply accomplished something has been a game-changer in my own journey. The secret is to just find the magic in the little moments. We have a tendency to think of only the big picture when the tiny brushstrokes are where the light truly lives.


Give yourself the gift of movement.

I want to emphasize the importance of meeting yourself where you're at, so your level of movement is completely up to you. Whether that's dancing, running, biking, circuit training, or yoga, you choose your movement. I typically choose yoga and focus on 30 minutes of intentional movement. Other days (or even later on the day), I enjoy elevating the heart rate, but that's a personal preference. The focus here is to release your energy, set the tone, and allow endorphins to flow. You are worthy of this time, so spend it wisely. Just move. If you're smiling when it's over, you did something right (and if you need some help on where to start, check out an RXercise class from RXBAR). For those days when I need a little extra fuel, I try to reach for solutions that are quick, efficient, and simple. RXBARs check all the boxes here, with the added bonus of the peace of mind that comes with knowing I'm feeding my body nothing but the good stuff.


Write down things you are grateful for.

I encourage you to jot down at least 10 things a day that fill you with gratitude. This can be as simple or as grand as you'd like. For me, this ritual happens at around 5 a.m.—before my son wakes up and while the streets of New York City are still silent beneath me. It feels good to know that I allow myself the space to sit in silence and gratitude while I set my intentions for the day to come. On my harder days, I choose to include things like my cup of coffee, and on better days I will write goals I accomplished. It's completely up to you. I believe it is so special to begin our days with the gratitude that we are simply here. We have another chance to do good. We have the opportunity to create change. We can have hope for tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I'm grateful for that.


Embrace Mother Nature.

Normally by the time I've written down my gratitude list, my son is awake. We live in NYC, so nature for us on the day-to-day is Central Park. There is something truly beautiful about a morning outside—the birds chirping, the air is crisp, and that overall feeling of stillness is precious to me. Even if you just go for a walk outside, choose that time to connect with the universe. You'll be glad you did. On some days (usually in the summer), our walks last a little longer, so I make sure we're always stocked with plenty of good-for-you fuel. RXBAR Protein Bars are a staple in our house, and recently we've been loving their all-new Peanut Butter Chocolate RXBAR Layers.

We also try and institute a "no-device" rule on these walks. The only connections you need during this time are with yourself, and with your surroundings. Give yourself a true chance to wake up without scrolling, clicking, or plugging in for an hour after you arise. It's important to allow yourself a chance to tune into yourself before you tune into the outside world. Looking for something a bit more challenging than a stroll? Check out this outdoor-friendly HIIT routine on RXercise


Remember that you are worthy.

This one is honestly one of the most important. No matter how the day turns out, you are capable of how you move forward. You can't control what anything or anyone else does, but you are in control of your reaction. In the hard moments, focus on the breath. Bring yourself back to center. Refocus and regroup. The grounding is the most important. You are worthy of love and light in this lifetime. Be kind to your body, choose mind over matter, and allow yourself the space to show up for you. You'll be glad you did.

Brittany Ball

Brittany is a life, style, and wellness blogger based out of NYC! She loves to share little moments of her life and loves to share positivity and light along the way. Above all else, she works to encourage, inspire, and cheer you on to live your best possible life and enjoy each step of the journey.