3 Quick and Easy Constipation Remedies

Let’s just get to it, shall we? Let us get Zen and make peace with poo.

Has your diet been less than stellar? Meat, processed food, excessive dairy and your sweet-tooth will wreak havoc and really irritate your digestive system. It becomes a rebellious teenager, uncooperative and talks back: gas, bloating, nausea and blockage-belch, toot, and “Damn, I look three months pregnant in these yoga pants!” Mmmhmm, back talk.

Did you know that an average person carries around up to 10 pounds of waste in their colon? If waste isn’t moving out, you’ve got a squatter situation where setting up camp just attracts and builds this unwelcome community.

Time to break up the party and clean up the shit, literally. I stumbled upon this powerful combination accidentally while using all three for different purposes, but together I found they are a serious triple threat to constipation. Give these easy and quick methods a try to feel great relief inside.

1. Lemon Water

Increasing the amount of water you drink has long been touted as a remedy for curing your clogged pipes and it’s true. If your insides are all dried up like the Sahara how do you expect anything to flow? Adding the juice of half a lemon (which also increases your body’s alkaline levels) to eight ounces of room-temperature or a bit warmer water first thing in the morning will enhance digestion and help get the internal flow of your river rapid once again. Here’s seven reasons why you should drink warm water and lemon.

2. Extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil will solidify below 76 degrees Fahrenheit so here in Michigan my coconut oil is almost always in solid form. Solid or liquid, the health benefits are the same. Many people love the taste and texture and will take a scoop from the jar straight up or stir it into their coffee or tea. I don’t mind the flavor but the solid texture is just too much for me so I prefer coconut oil liquefied and in a shot glass. Liquefy it by setting it in the sun or by placing the container in warm water for a few minutes. The key to internally supplementing with coconut oil is to build your body up to receive its benefits. Start with a one tablespoon shooter and build yourself up to three or four tablespoons a day.

Any blockage will soon be slipping itself happily along your internal water slide. Coconut oil is my go to miracle cure. Want more? Here’s 8 awesome uses for coconut oil.

3. Kombucha

Saved the best for last! Kombucha Queen-drink of the Goddesses. Kombucha is an ancient elixir, a sweetened and fermented tea that can be readily found in the refrigerated section of most health food stores. It can even be brewed at home and you may just be tempted to do so once you get hooked.

Alright, I’ll admit it, as a Kombucha virgin my newbie face crinkled up with the first sip. It’’s got a unique sweet and sour flavor. However, after consuming less than one bottle of GT’s Enlightened Cosmic Cranberry (my favorite flavor) my taste buds acquired and craved its taste.

Kombucha contains probiotics that help bring balance to the flora of your digestive tract. This good bacteria is helpful to your tummy woes and helps improve digestion. Kombucha powerfully detoxifies and eliminates heavy metals and toxins. And let’s face it, if you’re constipated your body is building a little toxic factory. Time to clean out. Learn more by reading, 22 Amazing Ways Kombucha Can Heal You. Kombucha-liquid healer.

Start your morning with warm water and lemon, take your virgin coconut oil shots a half hour before lunch and sip a delicious Kombucha throughout the day. Do this for a few days or on a regular basis to relieve or prevent constipation. Within a couple of days things should begin moving along quite nicely without the discomfort of additional gas, bloating and diarrhea that a traditional no relaxin’ with a laxative pill typically cause. If you’re feeling really motivated and want to do a spring cleaning without doing an actual cleanse, gradually increase your fiber intake (it’s important that you don't have too much fiber though or it has opposite effect - found that out the hard way), eat a mostly raw vegan diet for a few days, add some green juice and include daily detoxifying yoga postures.

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