Stop Doing These 3 Things to Transform Your Life

Would you like to live a life that you love? Well, here's a thought. Maybe, all that is standing between you and your dream life are just a few, old learned behaviours that you are better off without.... So, what would happen if you could stop doing them?

In this article, I share 3 things to stop doing right now so you can create a life that brings you real joy, meaning and happiness….

1. Stop trying to please other people.

From a young age, children are conditioned to make their loved ones happy. Society teaches us that when we are ‘good’ we get rewarded but make Mummy or Daddy cross and you get into trouble. This kind of programming becomes engrained in our biology, and evidenced in our thoughts, actions, habits and behaviors.

For those of you that would like to live a life that you love, it is necessary to take a look at this conditioning and let go what is no longer serving you. When I quit my corporate job to follow my heart and go to Art School, my Dad was so angry he didn’t speak to me for months. But, with time, he was able to accept my career decision and now is really proud of what I have accomplished.

2. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Remember that life is journey and each of us has our own unique journey to experience. Don’t waste time or energy trying to compare your life to anyone else’s. Realize that along the way of life there will be times when the journey is smooth sailing. The wide, large and open roads will be easy to travel. But other times, when the roads are smaller, narrow, windy and steep it might be more challenging.

If you can stay in tune with your own journey then you can live a life that you love. Don’t focus too much attention on the destination or on the other ‘cars’ on the road. Simply let yourself enjoy the journey, knowing that this is your journey, not anyone else’s.

3. Stop looking for permission from other people.

If you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to do what you want to do, then maybe today is the day to stop doing this.

Many people are unconsciously waiting for someone else to validate their dreams. Are you doing this? Are your dreams on hold? Let this awareness give you the courage to stop searching for approval from someone else so that you can give it to yourself right now.

And now, a couple of things to start doing…

Now this article would incomplete without a couple of things to start doing as well!

1. Say YES to you.

Whenever life presents you with an opportunity to grow, to shine or to do something different, just say YES! As your comfort zone expands, so too does your courage and confidence to try new things as well.

There is so much to do in this life. Be a part of the adventure. Take risks. Do things that you have never done before. When you live like this, you get to experience the juiciness of life. This will ensure that you live life without regrets. Your life is right now. Be brave and say yes to it. That will allow you to live a life that is meaningful and full of purpose.

2. Trust that everything will be okay.

As you say yes to life, you will be faced with the unknown. The unknown is often scary and can bring up feelings of fear. Remember though that your fear is only False Expectations Appearing Real. Your fear appears real, but remind yourself that it is illusory.

In these moments you are going to be called to trust that everything will be okay. And, when you approach life using this philosophy usually things work out better than you could have ever imagined. When you are unsure as to how everything is going to unfold, step deeper into trust and simply affirm, ‘everything is being divinely orchestrated.’

3. You can live a life you love.

If you are ready to live a life that you love, you are going to have to face your fears. Dig deep and connect with your inner courage so that you can stay true to yourself, your truth and your passions. Allow uncertainty to help you to grow and expand so that you can live a life you love.

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