5 Ways to Balance Your Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is complex, since it’s your connection to the spiritual world around you—as well as to your innermost self. As a yogi, I like that the crown chakra represents the complete understanding of pure “oneness,” which is what yoga truly is.

An open crown chakra can manifest itself in many ways. Having empathy for others, a strong connection to God (or what you choose to believe in) and balance between your conscious and subconscious selves are all signs of a balanced crown chakra. However, many people have issues with attaining an ideally balanced crown chakra because it means letting go entirely of ego.

An imbalanced crown chakra can also manifest itself in many ways. Living in a state of constant worry, headaches, general lack of purpose, depression and an inability to connect with your higher wisdom are only a few ways that an unhealthy crown chakra can be displayed. So let’s learn five ways to cleanse and balance your crown chakra.

1. Meditate. Your crown chakra is strongly affected by meditation, as it’s your connection to your higher self and the higher power that you believe in. Imagine a golden light illuminating the entire crown of your head, including the space a little bit above your head. It helps me to think of the halos depicted in religious imagery. Feel this glow illuminate and recharge not only your physical body, but your spirit as well. Allow this soft yet powerful light to reconnect you with the world around you—and to your own authentic self, your own true light.

2. Check your ego at the door. Self-confidence and ego are not the same. Learning to let go of your ego-driven life will benefit you in many ways, not the least of which is a much healthier crown chakra. One thing to consider is that ego is often fueled by insecurity, but true confidence comes from real self-knowledge—and acceptance.

3. Seva. Help others for the sake of helping others alone, and you will likely be rewarded many times over—and your crown chakra will benefit too. One of my favorite groups of people that I’ve ever had the privilege of teaching yoga to was an elderly bunch in a nursing facility, where I set up a free weekly yoga class. I got other instructors involved as well, and all of us benefited from our time with this group in more than we could have ever imagined. Reaching out to help others strengthens your connection to your environment—one of this chakra’s main purposes.

4. Choose love. You can’t fully love another until you love yourself is a frustratingly true statement, and learning to love yourself for who you already are is also the first step towards accepting others. So choose love, and as an added bonus you’ll likely let go of tension from your other chakras as well.

5. Prayer. Prayer is a very personal thing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be formal or foreign. Prayer can be as simple as setting an intention in your daily yoga practice. So close your eyes and let the voice of the deeper you be your guide.

Finding your innermost self is, for most of us, a lifelong journey. Learning to tap into the stillness that’s always present underneath the currents of daily life is a great place to begin making this connection, and this new-found self-awareness and love will hopefully be just the beginning of a healthy relationship with so much more.

“There is a point where in the mystery of existence contradictions meet; where movement is not all movement and stillness is not all stillness; where the idea and the form, the within and the without, are united; where infinite becomes finite, yet not losing its infinity. If this meeting is dissolved, then things become unreal.” - Rabindranath Tagore 

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