The Beauty Benefits Of Sex: 10 Ways Sex Can Make You Beautiful

mbg Contributor By Kim Anami
mbg Contributor
Kim Anami is a holistic sex and relationships coach based in Los Angeles and Bali. Her work has been featured at CNN, NPR, Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, and many other places.
10 Ways Sex Can Make You More Attractive (According To Science!)

Sex comes with a lot of obvious benefits related to physical pleasure and relationship well-being, but sex also has some serious beauty benefits. Having sex is good for your skin, your hair, your body image, and your overall well-being. It puts all other products and procedures to shame in comparison, and not just because it's fun, free, and natural. Here are 10 reasons to incorporate orgasms into your beauty routine:

1. Sex is good for your skin and hair.

Your hair gets shinier, and your skin becomes luminous. According to one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, having an orgasm increases your body's levels of estrogen, which contributes to healthy hair and skin. All that estrogen makes your skin thicker, more moist, and more wrinkle-resistant, and it also keeps up your collagen levels, which keeps skin supple and firm.


2. Sex makes you glow.

The post-sex afterglow is a real thing! Having sex makes your heart rate and blood flow increase, and more blood flow means more oxygen flooding your body, which can give you more vibrant, flushed-looking skin.

3. Sex can make you look younger.

Youth itself isn't necessarily the heart of beauty, of course. But one study on over 3,000 men and women found those who had sex three times a week appeared seven to 12 years younger than their actual age.

4. Orgasms improve your mood.

Your body releases a delicious cocktail of hormones at climax, including serotonin and DHEA. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood and makes you feel content, happy, and hopeful. DHEA has antidepressant effects and boosts immunity. That means sex helps you to look and feel radiantly beautiful. (Here's a little more about the science of orgasms, if you're curious.)


5. Sex can make your breasts look bigger.

Breasts swell up to 25% during sex, according to internist Michael Roizen, MD. Nipple height can increase one half inch. These changes can also be attributed to the higher blood circulation during sex, and the higher levels of estrogen don't hurt either, as estrogen is linked to breast tissue growth.

6. Sex reduces stress.

A huge dose of oxytocin is released at the point of orgasm. Oxytocin wipes out cortisol, the major stress hormone. Most of us in urban life exist with high cortisol. Plenty of sex will unfurl your brow and leave you in a state of bliss.


7. Orgasms flatten your belly.

Having increased cortisol in your system contributes to that “paunch” around your belly. Again, our friend oxytocin lowers cortisol. Those last 5-10 pounds you can’t seem to lose around your belly? Orgasm them away.

8. Sex can help you burn calories.

A vigorous sex session can be a significant form of exercise and does burn calories. One 2013 study found the average sex session burns 85 calories at about 3.6 calories a minute. Not bad!

Having increased cortisol in your system has also been linked to more belly fat. The oxytocin released from regular orgasms can help keep those cortisol levels at bay, therefore contributing to trimmed-down abdomen.


9. Feeling good makes you want to be good.

All the feel-good chemicals released in the ascent to orgasm, at orgasm, and in afterglow elevate you. Dopamine is associated with more drive and ambition. Oxytocin makes you more relaxed, kind, patient, and loving. Testosterone will make you perform better at work. Endorphins will reduce your stress and leave you feeling elated. What better all-around panacea is there than an orgasm?

10. Sex increases your confidence.

People who know what they want are attractive. Studies have shown that sex and meditation light up similar areas in the brain. The same benefits you’d expect to receive with meditation also come along with great sex: you feel in tune with yourself and the world around you, your inner guidance is strengthened, you feel calmer, more creative and able to tackle problems with a clear head.

All through an orgasm.

An orgasm a day, or at least several a week, not only can have miraculous health benefits, but it will also leave you smokin’ hot. So here's how to have an orgasm every time you have sex. And by the way, masturbation's health benefits are just as attractive.

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