11 Articles by Isabel Smith, R.D., CDN

Isabel Smith, R.D., CDN

Get Your Sneaky Veggies In With This Keto-Friendly Zucchini Bread

If you're searching for a sneaky way to get in those greens, look no further—this sweet bread is loaded with flavor, and adding walnuts to the mix...

Isabel Smith, R.D., CDN
February 17 2020

I Had Post-Birth-Control Syndrome. Here Are The Foods & Lifestyle Habits That Helped Me

After doing some research, I learned that what I was experiencing can be a fairly common issue.

Isabel Smith, R.D., CDN
November 3 2017

10 Vegan Sources Of Protein That Anyone (Even Meat Eaters) Will Love

They're versatile, healthy, and—dare we say?—more affordable than meat.