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Gigi Engle

A Beginner's Guide To Squirting, In Case You've Been Curious

Tricks from the squirting experts. (Yes, they exist!)

Gigi Engle
April 24 2020

What Does It Mean To Be "Emotionally Unavailable," Really?

How to identify unavailability in a partner—or yourself.

Gigi Engle
March 17 2020

This Sex Technique Is Perfect For Busy Couples Who Never Have Enough Time

Instead of focusing on quantity of sex sessions, focus on this.

Gigi Engle
March 14 2020

This Is The Problem With Serial Monogamy, According To A Sexologist

Every person should stay single for three months after a breakup.

Gigi Engle
February 4 2020

The One Practice Every Couple Should Adopt From The BDSM Community

Aftercare helps rekindle closeness in a relationship.

Gigi Engle
September 15 2019

I'm A Sex Coach. Here Are 5 Questions Adults Still Ask Me About Sex

Do you know the answers to all five of these? Many people don't.

Gigi Engle
June 30 2019

Why You Should Still Be Having Solo Sex While You're In A Relationship

Masturbating is good for you, no matter your relationship status.

Gigi Engle
June 21 2019