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Want Stronger, Healthier Teeth? Start With These 7 Tips

7 steps to stronger, whiter teeth.

Joanna L. McWilliams
August 3 2017

I'm A Cardiologist: Here's Why I Did The Same Yoga Sequence Every Day For A Year

Is there really a connection between artery health and spinal flexibility?

Joel Kahn, M.D.
July 27 2017

All-Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Your ultimate guide to immune-system upkeep.

Heather Moday, M.D.
July 25 2017

Vitamin Sea: 9 Next-Level Ways To Use The Healing Magic Of The Ocean

Does the ocean contain health secrets that we can't get on land?

William Cole, D.C.
July 21 2017

9 Things Our Health Editor Always Has In Her Medicine Cabinet

You'll want to have these in the house at all times.

Gretchen Lidicker
July 12 2017

These Spring Cold Remedies Are Better Than Taking A Pill

Effective natural cold remedies—without all the side effects.

Cheryl Myers, RN
March 30 2017

I Went From 5 Sinus Infections A Year To None: Here's Exactly What I Did

Because recurring sinus infections are the worst.

Michael Riley
January 26 2017

Want To Switch from Prescription Drugs To Natural Remedies? Here Are 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Your new guide to buying herbs and supplements.

Jonathan Evans
January 25 2017

4 All-Natural Tricks That Will Stop Your Kid's Cold In Its Tracks

Is your kid always sick? These 4 all-natural tips and tricks will zap their cold instantly—and keep it away for good.

Sophie Jaffe
January 24 2017

Have A Cold? Here Are 5 Natural Ways To Feel Better Right Now

Say goodbye to suspicious OTC meds; these safe, natural ingredients are super effective against the common cold.

January 11 2017

You Need This: A Holistic Dentist's 5-Step Routine For Perfect Oral Hygeine

Brighten your smile with these natural, gentle solutions that combine dentist-approved expertise for an easy 5-step oral health plan that your teeth...

Dr. Karla Solis
November 28 2016

4 Quick & Easy Household Remedies Using Licorice

See this polarizing candy in a new light.

Carolina Santos-Neves
October 28 2016

The One Tonic I Recommend For Amazing Sleep: An M.D. Explains

Try this blended chamomile latte for a cozy, effective nightcap.

Ellen Vora, M.D.
July 3 2016

6 Chemical-Free Teeth Whitening Tricks That Actually Work

Three words: apple cider vinegar.

Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer
June 28 2016

Natural Remedies To Cure A Painful Headache ASAP

No need to reach into the medicine cabinet.

Samantha Van De Wal
June 27 2016

Why Spring Breeds Allergies, And 7 Ways To Cope Naturally

Just when the weather finally warms up, you’re stuck inside nursing a runny nose and red, itchy eyes between bouts of constant sneezing. Sound...

April 14 2015

5 Holistic Ingredients To Look For When Relieving Spring Allergies

Now that spring is (finally!) in the air, we can look forward to blue skies, backyard BBQs, fresh blooms and, unfortunately, the sniffling, sneezing...

April 1 2015