Miyoko's Creamery

Miyoko's Creamery

Miyoko’s Creamery, based in Northern California’s esteemed wine country, was established in

2014 by iconic plant milk cheesemaker Miyoko (ME-YO-KO) Schinner. Known as the world’s

finest plant milk creamery and built on the foundations of craft and compassion, Miyoko’s is the natural evolution of dairy–using time-honed techniques and the finest ingredients to make a

variety of award-winning artisan butters and cheeses.

As a mission-driven, proudly vegan, certified B Corporation, Miyoko’s believes that food unites

us all, that the good life can be savored without sacrifice, and that change can be made when

we recognize the connection of our plates to the world, systems, and living beings around us. With taste and performance at the forefront, Miyoko's products are perfect for all culinary and

baking applications. From the much-loved vegan European-Style Cultured Butter to the highly

praised Liquid Pizza Mozzarella, all offerings are a 1:1 substitution in any recipe or dish.

Proudly served in world-class wineries & restaurants, Miyoko’s cheese and butter are loved by

chefs, pizzaiolos, cheesemongers, and sommeliers worldwide. Rapidly becoming a foodie

favorite, Miyoko’s products are widely available in over 20,000 retailers nationwide, including

Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, Kroger and Walmart as well as in-home delivery services like

Whole Foods Market via Amazon delivery and Instacart via select retailers, as well as on


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