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Astrologers Illuminate Why This Could Be A Week Of Game-Changing Firsts

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August 14, 2021

Here, the AstroTwins break down the four astrological events you should know about in the week ahead, including a Venus homecoming, a powerful retrograde, and a rare full moon that could have us seeing double.

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If you wake up with the urge to elevate and decorate this Monday, don't be surprised.

Beauty queen Venus struts onto native soil, spending until September 10 in aesthetic, romantic Libra. This is home base for the love planet, which means she operates at her fullest strength during these annual visits. Will power, on the other hand, might be at its weakest until September 10.

Good luck controlling yourself in the face of luxurious temptations: haute-cuisine, hand-spun silks, limited edition art, and fashion...shall we go on? (No, because you might already have opened up a browser window to shop indiscriminately!) Money slips easily through our fingers when Venus is in Libra. But practice restraint and you'll have enough saved up for a truly decadent purchase that is an equally smart investment. Like, say a significant piece of jewelry or a stake in your friend's ethical fashion brand?

Partnerships of all manner are blessed when the planet of peace, love, and harmony flows through this sign. But don't go soft during negotiations. If you habitually sell yourself short to avoid conflict, enlist a savvy representative to play bad cop for you. Settling on fair terms on the front end is always much easier than trying to settle a dispute later.

Game-changing Uranus does an about-face on Thursday, backing up through Taurus until January 18, 2022.

That means until early October, every one of the outer planets (from Jupiter to Pluto) is retrograde, insisting that we all take a deeper look at larger, societal patterns, how well are we cooperating as humans. When the side-spinning planet shifts into reverse every year for nearly five months, it can slow (or outright halt!) progress.

Since Uranus began its uncomfortable eight-year trek through Taurus in May 2018, there's been a war between rapidly moving scientific developments and stubborn "old-school" beliefs. Futuristic Uranus loves to push the envelope. Traditional earth sign Taurus wants things to stay the way they always have. Can you see the contradiction here? We'll continue grappling with this dichotomy for the rest of 2022, as we figure out how to balance our modern-day conveniences against the impacts on the planet, from climate to the economy.

Last week, the United States government took the first step toward passing a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, which has "Uranus in Taurus" written all over in. With climate initiatives, paid leave for workers, and fixes to roads and bridges that will create jobs, this is exactly the kind of deep-dive societal Uranus in Taurus is ready to tackle during a retrograde.

On a personal level, where could you use some infrastructure shifts? From budget to diet to work-life balance, start by simplifying! With motivator Mars trine Uranus this week, you'll actually be excited about streamlining. But even as you pare down, don't bite off more than you can chew when the Sun opposes Jupiter on Thursday. If you're moralizing or maximizing, your ego may be at play. Remember: Improving your day-to-day life is a marathon, not a sprint...or a competition!

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Virgo season begins on Sunday when the Sun settles into a new monthlong cycle (following a rare full moon).

Before you pull all your crisp, undyed fabrics to the front hangers, enjoy one last costume party under the wildly experimental beams of the Aquarius full moon (8:01 a.m. EDT). This one's the second in a rare, back-to-back pair in the sign of the Water Bearer that debuted with the July 23 full moon.

Since then, we've been getting eye-opening messages about everything from community collaborations to the ways we hold ourselves back from expressing our individuality. How can we enjoy our personal liberties while also being cooperative members of society? The unique balance point between "me" and "we" is one that Aquarius understands well. Have your cake, but feed others too!

When the Sun shifts into service-oriented Virgo at 5:35 p.m. EDT on Sunday, it gets even easier to embrace the concept of collective responsibility. This wellness-oriented solar cycle, which lasts until September 22, reminds us to make cleaner and greener choices, like buying organic and sustainably sourced goods that support local businesses. The best things in life might just be free, upcycled, and swapped.

Organization reigns supreme during Virgo Season. If you have enough things, maybe it's time to install clever storage solutions and shelving so you actually know how to locate them when you want to use them!

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins

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