Trying sleep support+ For The First Time? Here's What To Expect

mbg Senior Sustainability Editor By Emma Loewe
mbg Senior Sustainability Editor
Emma Loewe is the Senior Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care."
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Trying a sleep supplement for the first time is always a bit bewildering. There's the question of what dose to start out with, what time to take it, and how long it will be before it kicks in. Then come the fateful minutes of lying in bed, waiting for something to happen, hoping that a full night's rest is just a tug of the eye mask away.

sleep support+

sleep support+

The deep and restorative sleep you've always dreamt about*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
sleep support+

With sleep support+, mbg hopes to take all the guesswork out of it. When our bestselling sleep supplement launched last year, we shared expert advice on exactly when to take it (one hour before bed if you struggle to fall asleep, right before bed if you struggle to stay asleep), how much of it to take (two capsules is the sweet spot for most people), and what to pair it with (water, and perhaps a sleep-promoting bedtime snack). Today, we're tackling the "how will it feel?" part of the equation.

To give you a sense of what to expect, here's what first-time users have to say about what they experienced when trying sleep support+ for longer, more restful sleep.*


An immediate difference.*

I've always considered myself a "good sleeper" but as a mom thought waking up throughout the night was normal. Fast-forward to now, my children are grown and married, still waking up throughout the night. sleep support+ provides a full, wonderful night's sleep for me. I noticed the difference the very first night. My doctor and acupuncturist swear by magnesium, and now I do too. Thank you for all mindbodygreen does.

—Suzanne K.

Less delayed sleep.*

This is the best product I have used to help me get to sleep and night and stay asleep the entire night. I now get a good eight hours of sleep every night and have not had to use any melatonin or anything else. Before using this product, it would take me at least two hours of thrashing in bed before I finally slept. With this product, I fall asleep from 10 to 30 minutes almost every night. I may get up once in the night but then fall back asleep almost immediately. Do I recommend this product? Yes, absolutely! 

—Jean G.


Whole-body relaxation.*

I wouldn't describe myself as having sleep issues, but over the past year I'd been waking up multiple times a night, so that prompted me to order the sleep support+. I haven't noticed a huge change in my sleep but I've found the sleep support+ "experience" to be so relaxing that it's now a must-have. I've had some joint tightness, and even if I just take one sleep support+, I notice a significant loosening and general ease in my body. Even if you are just curious and can afford it, I'd give it a try and see what benefits you notice. I'm beyond pleasantly surprised to have a solution to the joint pain that I had no clue how to address before!

—Diane R.

Fewer wake-ups.*

I love this sleep aid! I don't typically struggle with going to sleep, but I do tend to wake. It keeps me asleep and doesn't make it hard to get up when I need to. 

—Kelly N.


Deeper sleep.*

I added sleep support+ to my nightly routine and saw a difference right away. I'm sleeping deeply and waking up well-rested. I've tried CBD and melatonin but like this much better! I love the restful sleep but also love fueling my body with vitamins and nutrients.

—Allie C.

More dream recall.*

I have been using the magnesium capsules for two weeks and have been getting good sleep with more dreams than ever.

—Julie S.


Less morning grogginess.*

I have taken magnesium at night for years to help with aching muscles and sleep. Adding GABA to the mix, wow, I sleep so soundly and wake up less foggy than previously. Highly recommend.

—Heather F.

A more refreshing wakeup.*

I'm the person that has tried every natural sleep aid. Most of the time they worked the first day or so only to falter shortly thereafter. Or I'll find myself waking up in a complete fog that I can't seem to shake. This product has worked consistently for me, and I don't wake up feeling like I have to claw myself out of a fog to start my day. Really great product line. 

—Nancy G.


Your best sleep ever.*

At this point, I probably bleed mindbodygreen products, as I have been trying them all lately, and I just love them all. Each product is so worth it. But the sleep is especially life-changing. Other products, over the month of taking them, I've seen improvement—but the sleep one night, best sleep ever.

—Reilly B.

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