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My Honest Review Of The League & The Expert Advice That Changed My Experience

Neha Tandon
Author: Expert reviewer:
November 07, 2023
Neha Tandon
Commerce Writer
By Neha Tandon
Commerce Writer
Neha Tandon is an editor whose work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Brides, and more
Myisha Battle, M.S.
Expert review by
Myisha Battle, M.S.
Sexologist & Dating Coach
Myisha Battle, M.S., is a certified clinical sexologist and sex and dating coach, educator, and speaker. She has a master's in Psychology from The New School in New York City.
the league review
Image by mbg creative
November 07, 2023
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Many people reading this will unfortunately be able to relate to the experience of matching with someone on a dating app who is lazy with conversation, is overtly sexual too soon, or emits another online dating red flags. But my experience on The League was totally different. 

I recently decided to explore dating apps outside of my traditional standbys (such as Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge)—and after testing The League for several months, I have a lot to say about it. 

Keep reading to learn more about my experience dating on The League, plus expert advice on how to use it successfully. Because, in my opinion, this dating app is absolutely worth it.

The League

Final Thoughts
An exclusive app curating just 5 potential matches per day
IOS, Android
Main age demographic
30 to 49 years old
Known for
Serious relationships
See all specs

Pros & cons

  • Option for video chats
  • Events in real life
  • Most users are seeking serious relationships
  • Matches expire after 21 days to encourage meeting in real live
  • App verifies you on LinkedIn so there is a lower risk of catfishing
  • Paid membership options are expensive
  • Free version limits the amount of matches you get
  • It can take a couple of months to get off the waitlist

Who should try it

The League is a great option for daters who are looking for quality over quantity. You won’t have a slew of profiles to sift through—and you may not get a new first date every week—but it will help you date more intentionally.

If you’re an ambitious person seeking a serious relationship who also wants to date an ambitious, relationship-minded person, The League is for you.

Who should skip it

If you’re new to dating and want to explore your options and date casually, The League probably isn’t for you. That said, you can always use it in conjunction with an app that isn’t as exclusive, like Bumble.

The cost

One thing I love about The League is that you have access to pretty much every feature with a free membership. I was able to filter by age, height, distance, ethnicity, education, and religion, attend live virtual and in-person events, and speak to matches for three weeks before they expire—all without paying.

Still, there are benefits to the premium memberships. You’ll get more than three prospects a day depending on the level of membership you choose.

Below, find the paid membership options:

  • 3 months: $399
  • 1 month: $299
  • 1 week: $99
  • 2 months: $499
  • 1 month: $399
  • 1 week: $199
  • 1 month: $999
  • 1 week: $399
  • 1 month: $2,499
  • 1 week: $999

Premium features

Not sure if these premium memberships are worth it? Here's a quick rundown on each membership's features.

  • 150 prospects per month (rather than just three a day)
  • Read receipts on chats
  • Stats on how your profile is performing
  • Ability to hide your age to remove bias
  • Ability to display marriage/family plans on profile
  • 180 prospects per month
  • Option to “Power Move” prospects, ensuring they see you in their next round of prospects
  • Option to see if a prospect has already liked you
  • Ability to see prospects in three cities at once
  • 210 prospects per month
  • Ability to see everyone who likes you 
  • Ability to pre-vet prospects before live virtual events
  • Ability to date in four cities at once
  • 240 matches per month
  • Ability to instantly match with prospects
  • Verified “VIP” badge on your profile
  • Ability to date in up to 10 cities at once
  • Priority access to The League’s “most valued profiles” 

How The League works

Designed for ambitious people who want to date other ambitious people, The League is one of the most exclusive dating apps available today. It’s a great choice for working professionals, introverts, and daters of all ages.

To join The League, you’ll first need to download the app and get on the waitlist. I was lucky enough to have a friend refer me, so I didn’t have to wait—but I have been told the waitlist can take a couple months. You can also choose to pay for a membership, which fast tracks the process. 

Outside of basic profile-setup information (age, occupation, height, gender), I was also asked to answer a few prompts about what I’m looking for. The League also offers the ability to have an “Opening Video” that can serve as a sort of introduction for potential matches. 

The League prioritizes quality over quantity, so you only get three matches per day (though you can pay to see more prospects). 

Once you match, you have 21 days to chat before the match and your chat expires. While an expired chat history is still viewable, you won’t be able to engage with that person anymore. The League does this to encourage users to get off the app and out on a date.

The first thing I noticed when testing The League is that the app has more added features than I’ve seen on any other. There’s speed video dating at 8 p.m. every Sunday; live events like mixers and fundraisers; and modern, elevated takes on chat rooms dedicated to a wide array of interests, such as vegans or winos.

My Experience using The League to date

Like I said, my experience testing The League was like a breath of fresh air compared to other dating apps. Everyone I talked to seemed to be very intentional about asking lots of questions and sharing about their own life.

The best part? Time between matching and actually going out on a date was way shorter than on other apps I’ve tested. Since you get limited prospects a day, I love knowing I can count on The League’s users being focused on quality over quantity. 

I really enjoyed The League’s weekly speed dating sessions and the mixers they have in real life. Other singles mixers I’ve been to have featured a bit of a mixed bag, but there were so many great prospects at The League’s events! 

What’s really cool about the events is that the app lets you know when people you’ve matched with RSVP, in case you want to make a plan to connect with them there.

Overall, The League fosters a safe space for dating, which can be hard to find as a woman. When dating on The League, I felt like I was meeting people who were also looking for something serious.

How to be successful on The League

Identify your intentions & non-negotiables

To be successful in dating on The League, dating expert Rachel DeAlto recommends starting by doing some work off the app. Since The League is really about getting more narrow and specific with your choices, she says to take time to figure out what you want in dating. 

“Women especially often find themselves ignoring non-negotiables and end up wasting their time,” she says. I took her advice before getting on the app, and can honestly say it made my whole experience more fulfilling. 

By knowing what my priorities are, I can now determine more quickly whether or not someone is for me. In other words: I’m wasting way less time for everyone involved.

Take the pressure off

DeAlto also reminds introverts or beginners that they don’t need to put so much pressure on the opening message in a chat. While The League is definitely designed to be more exclusive, she encourages people not to feel intimidated by that. 

“The initial message doesn’t dictate who steers the entire relationship,” DeAlto says. “The key is communicating with authenticity, positivity, and curiosity.”

Have a little patience

Since The League requires more patience than other dating apps, DeAlto stresses that there is no rush. I myself have seriously benefited from dating with less urgency in mind. 

“We all have different personalities, but the key is finding someone who fits with yours,” DeAlto says. “That requires understanding, patience, and goal alignment.”

How The League compares to other dating apps

The League vs Hinge

The League and Hinge both encourage people to be open about what they are looking for. While people on The League are largely looking for something serious, Hinge mostly has people who are looking for something serious, with a larger range. 

Both try to limit how much swiping people are doing, with Hinge allowing you to swipe right eight times a day with the free feature and The League showing you just three prospects a day.

Read our full Hinge review.

The League vs Bumble

To encourage users to get off the app and meet in person, Bumble’s matches expire after 24 hours if you don’t initiate the chat. Similarly, matches on The League expire after three weeks.

The League has more of a vetting process than Bumble, with the added layer of LinkedIn verification. It also limits your daily prospects much more than Bumble, further encouraging dating with intention.

Read our full Bumble review.

The League vs eharmony

Eharmony is another one of our favorite apps for serious relationships. While eharmony also has a strong vetting process, The League sets itself apart with the LinkedIn verification. 

The League also has a video dating feature within the app, while eharmony does not. That said, eharmony does have a lengthier profile setup, which further weeds out people who may not be taking online dating seriously.

Check out our full eHarmony review.

The League vs Match

Users on The League and Match are typically both looking for serious relationships, but Match is a service you really have to pay for to experience it at all. 

Match has a lot of strong filters that you can use to search for what you want, where you’ll have to pay a great deal for a membership to do that on The League.

Read our full review here.


How to get approved on The League faster?

You can opt for one of the paid memberships if you have the cash, but another option is to find a friend to refer you directly. Both will get you off the waitlist more quickly.

How much does The League membership cost?

You’ll pay anywhere from $99 a week to $2,499 a month for a membership on The League.

Is it hard to get into The League?

While it can of course take time to get on the app (up to 8 months at the very most), it isn’t actually difficult so long as you have an honest LinkedIn profile.

The takeaway

The League is an exclusive dating app that does a great job of matching career-driven people with like-minded professionals. It’s one of the best options for people who want to date intentionally and are looking for something long-term without a sense or urgency. If you’re new to dating apps, you’ll want to add this to your list to try—but be sure to check out our full guide for more of the best dating apps.

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