The 4 Different Types Of Homebodies & What Each Needs In Their Space

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Who doesn't love a good personality assessment? They can give you insight into your tendencies, behavior, and, according to architect Bill Hirsch, even home design preferences.

In his new book, The Well-Centered Home, Hirsch lays out the four "homebody" types: the entertainer, the scientist, the nurturer, and the philosopher. According to him, understanding your type can help you ground and center your home in a more personalized way. Here, Hirsch elaborates on the four types and their style preferences. Which one are you?

Astaire: The Entertainer

Named for the iconic American dancer, the Astaire, or Entertainer, type is outgoing, high-energy, and very extroverted. As the name implies, entertainers thrive on contact with other people and love to play host. "They don't need that solitary isolation, a place they like to be alone," Hirsch tells mbg. "It's not as important as contact with others. So, the Astaire homebody type is happier in a home with high energy."


How they can personalize their homes:

Hirsch notes Astaire types tend to gravitate toward décor that can serve as a focal point or make a statement. "Furnishings might be chrome or brighter colors," he adds, and could enjoy the pop of a new patterned wall covering or rugs. They'd also be well-served to arrange existing furniture in a way that encourages conversation and interaction with others.

Galileo: The Scientist

"This is the inquisitive person who wants to know how things work and wants to understand the world around them from a functional standpoint," Hirsch notes. These folks are more controlled, and though they like interacting with other people, he adds they need "that quiet place for work and solitude."

How they can personalize their homes:

This type thrives in an environment that's orderly and functional. "They're going to be more inclined to muted colors and décor that's useful and not just for whimsy but would have a strong function and purpose to it," Hirsch says. "They like to have things that express their function." So, think geometric shapes, symmetry, monochrome color schemes, and plenty of organization—especially in the home's workspace.


Nightingale: The Nurturer

This type's namesake, Florence Nightingale, was a British nurse now considered the founder of modern nursing. This type is keenly aware of others, according to Hirsch, and highly motivated to care for them. "This person might be strongly connected with organic and natural foods, healthful living, and things like that," he adds, and thrive in spaces that offer comfort and healing.

How they can personalize their homes:

"Earth tones, soft and comforting textures, and curved forms and flowing lines," are great for this type, according to Hirsch. More nurturing folks tend to like "calming, soothing, and quieting things," along with fresh air and sunshine and an overall cozy vibe with lots of blankets and pillows. They also enjoy décor with personal or sentimental value and don't do well under dim lighting or in stuffy rooms.


Plato: The Philosopher

And lastly, we have the Philosopher, aptly named for one of philosophy's greatest names: Plato. These people are deep thinkers who like interacting with others if the conversation is stimulating but "need a good deal of time to be alone with their thoughts," according to Hirsch. "Where a Galileo is interested in how things work, Plato is more interested in why things work the way they do."

How they can personalize their homes:

Plato types, according to Hirsch, appreciate items that "express craftsmanship and relate to the human hand and ingenuity." They prefer uncluttered spaces, love having views into nature, and like the feel of solid materials like wood, stone, and iron. They also like colors that connect the Earth and sky, like blues, greens, and browns, and feel grounded when they have a sense of the sun's and moon's positioning relative to their home.

If you've ever looked to the stars to figure out how your astrological chart influences your color preferences or plant picks, or used your Myers-Briggs type to predict compatibility, take Hirsch's four homebody types into account when sprucing up your space. Because whether you're a Nightingale or a Galileo, understanding your personality and preferences can make your home feel that much more you.

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