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Get Out Of Your Own Way Just In Time For The Solar Eclipse With This Powerful Ritual

Dilshad Mehta
By Dilshad Mehta
mbg Contributor
Dilshad Mehta is a revolution coach, professional intuitive, deep release guide, and ritual hostess.
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Eclipses are such a treat because we get a peek into a small part of the cosmic dance. The Earth, moon, and sun are in this eternal dance together, and when a solar eclipse happens, the moon goes between the sun and the Earth. With the moon in the middle, it blocks out the sun's rays from reaching Earth.

Dancing is all about relationship, interdependence, and movement, and with this theme in mind, we're going to explore our own cosmic dance. (And the beauty of this journaling ritual is that it can stand alone or can be part of a bigger solar eclipse ritual.)

Important considerations before you do this ritual

You may choose to do this ritual outside while watching the eclipse—if this is something you'd like to do, there are a few things for you to consider.

First, please wear eclipse eyeglasses while watching the eclipse. If you don't have eclipse eyeglasses, you can watch the eclipse reflected on a surface through a pinhole in some cardboard. (You can look up how to do this.)

Secondly, if you're extremely sensitive to energy or consider yourself an empath, I would recommend staying inside during the eclipse for this ritual. This is especially important if it's your first time doing ritual work under an eclipse.

Thirdly, I recommend doing this ritual alone to start with, or you can do it with people you really trust. 

What you'll need

Resist the temptation to overcomplicate your ritual. Adding more and more things to a ritual can make it less effective because the focus ends up being on "doing" rather than "being." Keep it simple with the following:

  • Wear loose clothing or be naked, to symbolize your flexibility and choice to be vulnerable and open.
  • Have your preferred writing tools ready to go (i.e., pen, paper, etc.)
  • Eliminate all distractions and create a safe and quiet space for you. You can lie down or sit up in any way that makes you the most comfortable. 
  • Symbolically tell your being that this is a sacred space. You may choose to do that by burning incense, breathing, or any other way you prefer.

Note: Please do not read ahead unless you're in your space ready to do your ritual. If you do read ahead beforehand, your knowledge of the ritual will corrupt your authentic experience and there will be no point in doing this exercise. This ritual aims to get beyond your everyday mind.

A solar eclipse ritual for clearing energetic blocks

This journaling ritual is less about contemplation and more about word vomit, so you can speed-write through these questions.

First, you'll come up with a list of your desires, then pick just one to start with and write it down. 

Now, ground and come into yourself in any way you prefer. Whatever you choose, make sure it's a method that relaxes you. I recommend a combination of breathing and your favorite stretching exercises (especially hip and chest stretches).

Phase 1: External obstructions

In a solar eclipse, the moon obstructs the sun. Even though it's roughly 400 times smaller than the sun, it's much closer to the Earth, which is why such a tiny celestial body can cover up such an enormous one.

With this in mind, take a few deep breaths and speed write through the following journal prompts without thinking:

  • What is the biggest obstacle to your desire?
  • What's the obstacle that feels the closest to you, almost larger than life?
  • Why does this obstacle seem so big to you?
  • How does the size of this obstacle compare to the size of your desire?

Phase 2: Inner obstructions 

Previously, we saw the moon as something external that blocks us. Now, we're going to see the moon as a part of ourselves that we have chosen to block us.

Take a few deep breaths and speed write through these questions without much thinking:

  • What parts of you need to be seen? What parts of you need to come out into the light?
  • Where do you get in the way of your own desires?
  • How do you get in the way of expressing yourself as authentically as possible?
  • When do you hide the best parts of you? How specifically do you hide those parts?
  • Where do you get stingy with your love, gratitude, and goodwill?
  • Name the specific thoughts and actions that corrupt the best parts of you.
  • How can you get out of the way so your vision can manifest in its truest form?
  • How can you just get out of the way in general?

Phase 3: The ring of fire

As the moon begins to completely cover the sun (in total or annular eclipses), beads of sunlight still shine through. These beads of sunlight are called "Baily's beads." When only one bead is left, this bead is called the "diamond ring effect."

If the solar eclipse you're experiencing isn't a total eclipse, the moon still covers up the sun in such a way that the portions that are illuminated are that much more obvious.

With this in mind, we see the moon as "The Great Simplifier." Previously, we saw the moon as a kind of enemy—we considered it as some kind of obstruction to our desires. Now we will see the moon's obstruction as a kind of gift.

One more time, take a few deep breaths and speed write through the following questions:

  • What are the drops of Baily's beads that still shine through, despite the obstacle being very much present?
  • What is the diamond ring that is the truth of the truth?
  • What is the essence, the very core, of my desire?
  • What is the essence, the very core, of my desire that can never be eclipsed no matter how much anyone (including myself) tries to eclipse it?

Phase 4: Dancing with the truth

Drop your journaling, turn on your favorite music, and dance with the truth you've uncovered.

Concluding your ritual

Take a few deep breaths. Consciously say out loud that your ritual is over. Finally, consider taking a bath or a shower to signify a cleanse of your mind, body, and spirit.

May the eclipse and your ritual reveal your truth.

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Dilshad Mehta

Dilshad is a Spiritual Life Coach, Professional Intuitive, and Ritual Hostess. She works to liberate women energetically from forces seen and unseen, known and unknown—forces that keep women stuck, frustrated, small, and confused.

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