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5 Rituals To Do Any Time You Move Into A New Home

Barbara Biziou
Spiritual Coach & Ritual Researcher By Barbara Biziou
Spiritual Coach & Ritual Researcher
Barbara Biziou is a spiritual life coach and two-time author of The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals. She holds bachelor's degrees in both Art History and Psychology from NYU, and has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and
Moving? 5 Rituals To Bring Positivity Into Your New Home

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When you move into a home or apartment (as so many of us have done since the start of COVID-19), cleansing your new space can help you let go of the old and welcome the fresh start.

This is not a new concept: You'll find countless examples of cleansing and blessing rituals and traditions in cultures around the world. Ringing a bell or playing music is one way to purify a space and move into an atmosphere of the sacred, and some Chinese traditions have long used gongs, bells, and chants to do so. Other cultures use blessed water, candles, salt, flowers, and prayers. In the Middle East, resins such as frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin are popular for home clearings. In the Jewish religion, salt is sprinkled around the house and swept out to sweep out the bad energy. And the incense used in the Catholic Church today (copal) has been used by the Mayans for centuries in their purification ceremonies.

Whichever way you choose to cleanse your space, doing so will help the energy of your new home feel lighter, clearer, and fresher. Here are five ideas for making your move as auspicious as it can be:

1. Start by saying goodbye to your old home.

Spend some time alone or with your family or roommates to express gratitude to the house, apartment, or land you are leaving behind. Thank it for sheltering you, giving you a place to work, play, and express your creativity. This is good karma for you and prepares the space for the next person who will be living there.

If you live in a home with land, walk the land in gratitude. Always leave something behind. I like to bury a crystal in the land or plant some herbs or some flowers. Even if you live in an apartment, you can also leave a houseplant for the next occupants.


2. Then, add some sound to your new space.

Sound has long been used to disperse stuck energy. If you have a bell, chime, or drum, you can play that as you walk through your whole space upon move-in. If you don't, simply clap rapidly, making sure not to miss any corners of the room.

For further clearing, you can also speak a mantra aloud. It can be as simple as "peace," or more involved. Here is one that I enjoy: "I ask that the highest vibration of Love and Light release, consume, cause and effect, of anything not in my highest good."

3. Make an outdoor offering.

Starting on the outside of your new home, walk the perimeter of the property. Then, dig a hole in which to place any of the following offerings for the spirits of the land you are inhabiting:

If you rent your home or live in an apartment building, find the closest piece of land for your offering. If that is not possible, silently offer your thanks to the land and sprinkle some flower petals near the entrance to your building.

4. Spritz the inside of your space.

Walk around each room spraying a mixture of your favorite herbs in spring water. I love lavender for peace, citrus scents for happiness, rose and jasmine for love. Place crystals in each room. Rose quartz for opening the heart, fluorite to keep out negative energy, amethyst for healing, citrine for prosperity.


5. Create an altar.

  1. Find a space for your altar that will not be disturbed.
  2. Add a crystal or stone for each quality you desire to bring into your new space and what you want to manifest there—be it health, wealth, joy, connection, love, creativity, or clarity. Name each quality out loud. Some of my favorites are tiger's eye, aventurine, and citrine for material wealth; amethyst and quartz for spiritual well-being; jade for good luck; and rose quartz for love.
  3. Add a rubber band to your altar, to remind you to be flexible.
  4. Place some flowers on the altar.
  5. Place a picture of something that represents the energy you desire in your space on your altar.
  6. Light a long-burning seven-day candle to attract and anchor the energy you desire. For safety, make sure to put the candle in a small bowl of water and blow out when you leave your home.
  7. Make sure to keep this altar clean. This is not the place for your keys or coffee cup! Change flowers when they die to keep the energy vibrant.
  8. You can also place affirmations or prayers on your altar. Use it for a place of contemplation and relaxation.
  9. Now notice how much calmer and clearer you are.

Using these rituals, you can leave your mark on your new place and start the process of making it a welcoming environment for years to come.

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