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This Vegan Egg Substitute Is So Realistic My Brain Just Exploded

JUST Eggs vegan plant based scrambled egg product
Image by mbg Creative
March 27, 2019

Let me get this out of the way: I'm not personally a vegan, and I think real eggs can be part of a healthy, balanced diet for anyone who enjoys eating them. In fact, they'd probably be my desert island food (if I were allowed to take along a cast-iron skillet and spatula to said island). But I'm really into innovative new food trends and products, too. So, when I learned about the JUST Egg, a completely plant-based egg substitute that's about to become available at Whole Foods Market in April, I was intrigued.

Now I get it; "plant-based egg substitute" doesn't sound terribly exciting, but this isn't your typical tofu scramble. This appeared to be (after watching a mesmerizing video on the JUST Egg website) a scrambled egg clone, cooking up just like the real thing with the appropriate yellow color to match. Made from a combo of mung bean protein, non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil, onion puree, and a little bit of non-GMO soy—plus some carrot extract and turmeric for color—a serving of JUST Egg clocks in at 5 grams of protein and zero carbs, similar to a real egg.

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So I placed an order and waited with weird anticipation. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely didn't expect it to taste like eggs. When the JUST Egg arrived in the mail (in a 12-ounce bottle containing the equivalent of 7 to 8 eggs), I decided to ignore the suggested recipe included in the box and cook it up as simply as possible, with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Just Eggs vegan scrambled eggs
Image by Stephanie Eckelkamp / Contributor

When my pan was preheated and greased, I poured in the yellow liquid, and much to my surprise, it made that classic egg sizzle. With a few scrapes of the spatula, it was cooking up and clumping together like a real egg, too (although, it did tend to stick a bit more to the pan). But how did it taste? The flavor, while ever so slightly beany on its own, could have definitely fooled me if incorporated into a breakfast taco or sandwich—and the texture was pretty on-point.

The JUST Egg is a big win for my vegan pals, all of us trying to go more plant-based, or anyone with an egg allergy or sensitivity who feels like they're missing out. It can even be used to create perfectly golden French toast—and no one should have to live without that.

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Stephanie Eckelkamp
Stephanie Eckelkamp
Contributing Health & Nutrition Editor

Stephanie Eckelkamp is a writer and editor who has been working for leading health publications for the past 10 years. She received her B.S. in journalism from Syracuse University with a minor in nutrition. In addition to contributing to mindbodygreen, she has written for Women's Health, Prevention, and Health. She is also a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has a passion for natural, toxin-free living, particularly when it comes to managing issues like anxiety and chronic Lyme disease (read about how she personally overcame Lyme disease here).