mbg moves with Helen Phelan: Strong Glutes + Hip Relief

Certified Pilates Instructor By Helen Phelan
Certified Pilates Instructor
Helen Phelan is body neutral pilates instructor, intuitive eating coach, reiki practitioner, prenatal/postpartum corrective exercise specialist.
Helen Phelan

Welcome to mbg moves! In 2020, we've been working out at home more than ever—and we know our readers are, too. To help keep your fitness routine feeling fresh, we're releasing a new at-home workout every Monday, to start your week off strong. Each month will feature routines from a different incredible trainer we adore. Our December trainer spotlight: Helen Phelan

Reality check: We modern-day humans spend a LOT of time sitting. Whether it's because we work all day behind a computer, spend time in a car or on a train commuting, or any other reason—it's an unfortunate reality that we spend a lot of time stationary.

And all that sitting can do a number on your glutes' strength, plus contribute to hip tightness. That's why I created this 10-minute lower-body workout, designed to challenge the glutes, open the hips, and even improve your core stability. Follow along through each movement to help ease tension and feel better all over. 

Your 4-week challenge: Every week this month (keep an eye out for a new workout every Monday), I'll be sharing a routine that targets various parts of your body, all with some core work. By the end of the month, I encourage you to make core work a regular part of your weekly routine—whether that's one day a week, three, or even daily. I can't wait to hear how you do!


Time: 10 minutes
Equipment: None
Instructions: Move from one exercise to the next, as instructed, without rest. Complete 8 to 10 breaths for each movement. Once you've completed all exercises on one leg, repeat on the other side.


Lunge With Toe Tap

Helen Phelan - Lunge with Toe Tap

Image by mbg Creative

  1. Start by standing. Step one leg forward and bend that knee slightly to get into a lunge position. Keep your knee directly over your ankle. Try to shorten your foot rather than let your arch collapse.
  2. Tuck your pelvis and hinge your hips forward. Create a long line from your head to the heel of your back foot.
  3. With 90% of your weight in the front leg, bring your back leg forward and tap your toe next to your opposite foot. Keeping the rest of your body still, return the foot to its starting position.

Static Lunge

Helen Phelan - Static Lunge

Image by mbg Creative

  1. Start in a lunge position.
  2. Bend your back knee, and lower your body down until both knees form 90-degree angles.
  3. Push into the ground with your forward heel and back toes as you lift your body back to the starting position. Engage the core to maintain your balance as you lift.

Lunge With Chest Lift

Helen Phelan - Lunge with Chest Lift

Image by mbg Creative

  1. Start in a lunge position.
  2. Engaging your core and keeping your spine neutral, hinge your chest forward, and slowly lower until your torso is nearly parallel with the ground.
  3. With control, rise back to your starting position.

Lunge With Heel Lift

Helen Phelan - Lunge with Heel Lift

Image by mbg Creative

  1. Start in a lunge position.
  2. Keeping the rest of your body still, lift the heel of your front foot, until you're balancing on your toes.
  3. With control, slowly return your foot to the starting position.

Repeat all exercises on the opposite side.

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