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7 Exercises Men Should Do For A Better Sex Life

Craig Cooper
January 18, 2016
Craig Cooper
By Craig Cooper
mbg Contributor
Craig Cooper is is a health and wellness advocate for 40-plus men’s health, the founder of Performance Research Labs and the Prostate Cancer Institute.
January 18, 2016

Great health and great sex go hand in hand. And one of the best ways to experience better sex is to establish a varied exercise routine. Here are eight sexercises you should consider including in your training program, including one that is a must-do for all men:

1. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise (fast walking, jogging, running) has been shown to significantly improve a man’s sexual function. A recent study that looked at both white and black men found that highly active men, regardless of race, had better erectile and sexual functioning than their less active peers.

Other research reported that for every 30-minute increase, per day, in moderate to vigorous exercise, men had a 43 percent reduced chance of developing erectile dysfunction.

2. Basic floor exercises

Basic push-ups and sit-ups strengthen the muscles that you use during intercourse — the shoulders, abdominals, and chest.

If you can’t do a proper push-up yet, start progressing with your knees on the floor and work up to doing just one push-up. Over time increase the amount of repetitions you can do until you can get to 10. At a minimum, you should be able to hold yourself in a “plank” position for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

As you age, you need to train hard and fast for more performance benefits. You also want an exercise program that gives you the maximum health benefits in a short period of time.

HIIT is a form of exercise that relies on fast, all-out effort, for short periods followed by a complete recovery phase between sets. For example, doing sprints, rowing, or burpees flat out for 45 seconds followed by one minute of rest – repeated 8 to 10 times.

HIIT has been shown to boost total testosterone levels and improve aerobic capacity, which translates into more staying power in the bedroom. Even more impressive is evidence that HIIT can boost free testosterone levels. I incorporate HIIT three times a week as part of my training program.

4. Kegel exercises

Kegels are a sexercise you can do just about anywhere, anytime — without breaking a sweat, and without anyone actually knowing you are doing them. Kegels are usually thought of as an exercise for just women, but they are equally beneficial for men’s sexual health.

If you have ever consciously stopped your flow of urine for several seconds when going to the bathroom, then you have exercised your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. I've found that practicing this squeezing action several times a day (hold the squeeze for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat 8 or more times), can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn can help you delay ejaculation, have better control over your orgasm, and experience better sex.

Set yourself a calendar reminder to do them first thing in the morning. Trust me – they work. If you don’t adopt any of the other recommendations in this article do this one! (One caveat – if you have prostatitis or CPPS [chronic pelvic pain syndrome] you should avoid doing Kegels as it may increase your pelvic pain due to the additional tensing/strengthening of the pelvic muscles.)

5. Lifting weights

Lifting heavy weights (resistance training) can lift testosterone levels while also improving your upper- and lower-body strength as well as improving overall stamina. In a study of older men, resistance training was shown to boost testosterone levels in active muscle. The best results come from working the big muscle groups like legs and quads (squats, lunges, etc.).

6. Stretching

I've found that certain stretches like “pelvic stretching” can enhance your orgasms and keep you flexible and injury-free while having sex.

Here’s how you do them: Wearing comfortable clothes, lie on your back on the floor on a mat. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor slightly apart. Place your arms at your sides. Inhale and simultaneously tighten your abdominals and buttocks while lifting your pelvis until your back is straight. Hold this position for 10 seconds or more, then exhale and lower your body. Repeat several times.

7. Yoga

Yoga strengthens your pelvic muscles and increases your sexual flexibility and energy. Poses such as the elbow balance, shoulder stand, and bow pose can enhance your pelvic muscles, while triangle pose, pigeon, and standing forward bend can improve flexibility.

One of the more recently published studies of the impact of yoga on male sexual function involved 65 men ages 24 to 60. After 12 weeks of yoga sessions, “male sexual quotient” scores significantly improved in the areas of orgasm, ejaculatory control, erection, confidence, intercourse satisfaction, sexual desire, and performance. Basically what that means is that all these guys doing yoga in the test had better sex because of their yoga practice.

Great sex has many components — physical, emotional, nutritional, and psychological. Exercise is the best way to maintain your physical health, which also goes a long way toward having better sex and stronger erectile function for men.

Read more tips for staying strong and healthy in my book, Your New Prime – 30 Days to Better Sex, Eternal Strength, and a Kick-Ass Life After 40.

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Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper is the author of “Your New Prime – 30 Days to Better Sex, Eternal Strength, and a Kick-Ass Life After 40." He is a health and wellness advocate for 40-plus men’s health, the founder of Performance Research Labs and the Prostate Cancer Institute, and was the co-founder of the telecommunications company Boost Mobile USA. He is on the advisory board of Men's Health magazine and holds double (honors) degrees in Law and Economics from The University of Sydney.