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Body Glide's Anti-Chafing Balm Is My Must-Have For Summer Runs

Merrell Readman
mbg Associate Food & Health Editor By Merrell Readman
mbg Associate Food & Health Editor
Merrell Readman is the Associate Food & Health Editor at mindbodygreen. Readman is a Fordham University graduate with a degree in journalism and a minor in film and television. She has covered beauty, health, and well-being throughout her editorial career.
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Exercising during the summer is hard enough between battling copious streams of sweat and steamy temperatures, so the last thing I want to deal with is the pain that comes from my legs rubbing together during a run.

Unfortunately, chafing is a common occurrence for me when I wear shorts—and it's not just a side effect of exercise. The combination of hot weather and exposed skin essentially guarantees a painful rash—but all that changed when I found the Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm For Her.

How I found Body Glide.

Before discovering the formula, I was inclined to wear my leggings well into the warmer months until it nearly put me at risk of heatstroke. But when I took up running in the spring of 2020, I couldn't fathom running outside in 90-degree temperatures wearing pants (although the familiar burn of my thighs as they gripped to each other for dear life seemed like an equal level of torture).

I gave in to shorts and tried using deodorant to prevent the uncomfortable friction; the scented formula was irritating and ineffective. After one particularly painful run, I knew it was time to level-up and try a product specifically formulated for chafing.

Two summers later, I'm still using the same tube of anti-chafe balm, and it's safe to say that I'm completely obsessed.

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The formula.

The balm comes in a deodorant-like container that easily applies the clear, unscented formula anywhere you might chafe: between the thighs, around your armpits, under your chest, or on any other areas where you suffer from discomfort. Its key ingredients are ozokerite wax and vitamin E, which create a dry barrier on the skin that repels moisture yet never traps sweat. Your thighs will quite literally be sliding past each other on even the sweatiest runs.

A moisturizing variation of Body Glide, it also contains coconut and sweet almond oil to help nourish the skin, as well as vitamins A, B, and F. This combo allows your skin to breathe while you move throughout your day, and it doesn't clog pores. Yeah…applying deodorant to your legs doesn't quite have the same effect.

Plus, the vegan formula is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. I can apply it over existing chafing—a result of forgetting to use the balm—without making the irritation worse.

pink container with chafe galm

Body Glide for Her


My experience.

I use Body Glide on days when I'm exercising in shorts. My thighs are the primary culprit of chafing, so it's where I focus my application. When applied correctly, the balm is a godsend.

To do this, the formula needs to be fully rubbed into the skin to maximize coverage. The brand makes no mention of this online, but I've found it's a crucial part of the application process and even reduces the sticky texture of the formula. Of course, it'll always feel a little bit tacky, but I think of this as a side effect of the balm moisturizing my skin rather than sitting atop it.

Either way, the results are so worth it. I always apply it before a run and never struggle with chafing. While I have to reapply around the 9-mile mark of a long run—the balm often becomes less effective as the miles wear on—the container is small enough to fit into my fanny pack.

Most impressive? The $9 container lasts. I've had my mini Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm for over a year and half, and there's still plenty of formula left to take me through the end of summer (and that's with non-run applications, too).

The takeaway.

If wearing shorts has become the bane of your existence in the summertime due to the wrath of chafing, Body Glide is going to be your saving grace—and it's not just for runners. Anyone who struggles with unwanted rubbing can use the balm to prevent a painful rash. An added bonus? Your skin really does feel softer after using it.

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