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The 7 Best Flippable Mattresses Of 2023 For Finding The Right Firmness

Brittany Loggins
Author: Medical reviewer:
Updated on November 30, 2022
Brittany Loggins
mbg Contributing Writer
By Brittany Loggins
mbg Contributing Writer
Brittany Loggins is a freelance writer covering health, wellness, and all things lifestyle.
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
Medical review by
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS
Board-certified Family Physician
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is a family physician and HIV specialist in California. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and using food as medicine when working with patients.
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Last updated on November 30, 2022
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When it comes to optimizing your sleep, finding the right mattress is essential. While you may gravitate toward pillow-top options, flippable mattresses have their own benefits, including a longer shelf life thanks to the ability to flip the mattress over and redistribute worn-out areas.

Many newer flippable mattress models even offer a difference in firmness on each side, which is great if you are compromising with a partner or if you want to test different mattress types without going through the hassle of ordering and returning multiple mattresses. 

Flippable or not, Damon Tong, D.C., of Body Forward Chiropractic in Beverly Hills, says he typically recommends a medium-firm mattress for most people. Not only does this pick fall right in the middle of the firmness spectrum—which means it's the most compatible with a variety of sleepers—but research also shows that medium-firm mattresses tend to be best1 for those who suffer from back pain.

"When testing the firmness, you want to pay attention to comfort and make sure your spine is in as natural of a position as possible," Tong says. 

He advises taking advantage of the trial period before fully committing to a new mattress, explaining that "you want to be mindful during this time of not only how you sleep but also how well rested you feel the next day."

To help you find the best flippable mattress option for your specific needs, we've rounded up our top picks below.

What is a flippable mattress?

A flippable mattress is dual-sided, meaning you can sleep on either side. While most newer models offer differing firmness levels, one of the biggest benefits of flippable mattresses is that they tend to have a longer shelf life because you can flip them regularly, so you won't be continuously putting wear on one specific spot.

How can a flippable mattress help with sleep?

Getting high-quality sleep is extremely important, as poor sleep can not only negatively affect your whole day but can also affect your memory and brain function2 and lead to increased inflammation3 and muscle soreness. By limiting wear and tear, flippable mattresses can prolong the amount of time your mattress will offer a truly supportive sleep. 

How we picked:


Per our expert's recommendation, a medium-firm mattress will be the best option for most sleepers, including back, side, and front sleepers. However, the double-sided design means you can also experiment with both softer and harder options.


We prioritized materials like GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic cotton. When not available, we opted for CertiPUR-US® certified materials (meaning they are made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates and have low VOC emissions for indoor air quality).


We made sure to prioritize mattresses in different price ranges so you don't have to choose between your wallet and your comfort.


We looked for mattresses that had great customer reviews in regard to both the product itself and overall customer service.

Our picks for the best flippable mattresses of 2023:

Best for kids: Helix Kids


  • Made of sustainable latex and coils
  • Can be used by kids for many years
  • CertiPUR-US® certified


  • Reviewers report a slight smell after unboxing
Materials: CoilsPolyfoamGel memory foam
Sizes available: TwinFull
Firmness: Softer & firmer sides
Trial period: 100 nights
Warranty: 10-year

This bed is an especially great investment for growing kids, as the firmer side is meant for ages 3 to 7 years old, and the softer side is best for ages 8 to 12 years old. The center of the mattress features coils, surrounded by polyfoam on the firmer side and gel memory foam on the softer side. The entire mattress is then wrapped in a hypoallergenic cover. It arrives in a box, and shipping is free for all U.S. orders.  

All Helix products are made with CertiPUR-US® certified foams and sustainable latex, and each Helix Kids mattress undergoes additional lead and phthalate testing to avoid any exposure to harmful chemicals.

With an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and 180 reviews, this mattress gets a lot of love from parents—particularly for its flippable design, with reports that toddlers and kids of all ages have commented on how comfortable it is.

Best firm: Plank Firm Luxe


  • Firm mattresses have longer lifespans
  • Each side offers a different firmness


  • No mention of CertiPUR-US® certification or sustainability
  • Not ideal for side sleepers
Materials: TitanCaliber coilsFoam
Sizes available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenSplit QueenKingSplit KingCalifornia KingShort QueenShort KingOlympic QueenRV King
Firmness: Firm & ultra-firm
Trial period: 120 nights
Warranty: 10-year

Plank's Firm Luxe mattress is one of the firmest options on the market. The center of the mattress is comprised of the brand's signature TitanCaliber™ coils (individually cased for maximum motion isolation), sandwiched by two layers of extra-firm support foam. These high-support layers are intended to help you achieve a neutral spine, but it's worth noting that this level of firmness wouldn't be the best mattress option for people who tend to sleep on their sides. Shipping is free and the mattress arrives rolled up in a box and will expand once opened. 

Although the materials are not sustainable or organic, all products are handcrafted in the U.S., and since 2020, the company has even used a portion of its factory to produce masks for essential workers.

After receiving more than 800 reviews on the brand's website, this mattress has earned an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers report that this mattress has improved their sleep and alleviated their back pain. One reviewer says, "Sleeping on this bed feels like a healing balm for my body," and "it is the best thing my back has felt in a long time." A few people note that they wish the ultra-firm and firm sides were marked.

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Best for back pain: Saatva Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress


  • Multiple firmness levels
  • Latex is environmentally friendly
  • Long lifespan


  • More expensive
Materials: Latex
Sizes available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit King
Firmness: Luxury plush & gentle-firm
Trial period: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime

While this is the most expensive option on this list, there are a few things that make it well worth the investment. For starters, it's made of high-quality, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic organic latex, which is better for the environment due to its durability and natural sourcing from rubber trees (no chemicals here). This mattress is also once of the best options for people with lower back pain, thanks to the ergonomic design and five-zone natural latex, which relieves pressure while you sleep.

Customize the mattress by choosing between two levels of firmness (luxury plush or gentle-firm) on either side of the mattress. Free white-glove delivery and setup brings your new sleeping oasis right to your door—and they'll even recycle your old mattress for you for free.

This mattress has a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Saatva website, with plenty of reviewers leaving comments along the lines of "My back has never felt better." A few say it's held up well even after multiple years of use, and many report that this mattress has significantly improved their joint pain as well.

Best hybrid: EcoSleep Luxe


  • Made of sustainable latex and coils
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Rainforest Alliance–certified latex


  • Some reviewers report a slight smell after unboxing
Materials: Latex foamNatural LatexCoils
Sizes available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King
Firmness: Plush or firm
Trial period: 120 nights
Warranty: 10-year

Instead of flipping over the entire mattress, the EcoSleep Luxe requires you to flip the inner latex core to create your ideal firmness. One side of the sustainably sourced latex layer is soft (for side sleepers), while the other is firm (for back and stomach sleepers). Once you've selected the right level of firmness from the core, simply place it onto the coil base and zip back on the plush, pillow-top cover.

If you find the support and motion isolation offered by the mattress isn't quite right, simply unzip the mattress and try the other side—the dual design means you can try as many times as you want. All components are shipped in a box, which makes the move from door to bedroom super easy.

The EcoSleep Luxe mattress has 4.7 out of 5 stars and 79 reviews on the Brooklyn Bedding website. The only perceived downside is that some reviewers report a strange smell after the initial unboxing, but most say it goes away fairly quickly. Side sleepers tend to love the softer option, while back sleepers rave about the firm side.

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Best for side sleepers: Nest Bedding Robin Flippable Memory Foam Hybrid


  • Foams are CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Each side offers different firmness
  • Made in USA


  • Some reviewers feel it's too soft
  • Made with memory foam (less sustainable option)
Materials: Gel memory foam and pocket coils
Sizes available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenCalifornia King
Firmness: Medium & firm
Trial period: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime

Another hybrid design , this mattress combines a layer of reinforced pocketed coils (for edge support) with three layers of memory foam. The result is ideal for those struggling to find the right level of support: One side is medium-firm, the other side is slightly firm.

Regardless of the side you choose for snoozing, a gel-infused pillow top keeps temperatures cool to help regulate your body temperature—a plus for hot sleepers.

Although the mattress ships in a box, all foams are allowed to air out in the factory before shipping to reduce the odds of off-gassing smells. When your mattress arrives, simply unbox and watch it expand.

Our only complaint? Although the foams are CertiPUR-US®-certified, this mattress is not the most sustainable choice, being that it's made from memory foam. However, this option is produced in the U.S. and incorporates non-chemical hydrogenated silica as the fire barrier rather than fiberglass. Memory foam tends to be a chosen material by side sleepers, who benefit from the way the material contours to your body's curves and keeps your spine aligned.

Nearly 96% of shoppers kept their Robin mattress, and it's easy to see why. Despite accumulating more than 1,400 reviews, the mattress maintains a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars overall. Reviewers say they're pleased with the firmness levels, and one even raves this mattress gave them the "best night of sleep [I've had] in years." The only complaint seems to be that the mattress can run a bit warm, even with the gel-infused cooling top.

Best foam: Nolah Signature 12"


  • Foams designed to relieve joint pain
  • Airform layer is lightweight and cooling
  • Made in U.S.


  • No mention of sustainability
  • Could be too plush for back sleepers
Materials: Airfoam
Sizes available: TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit KingCalifornia King
Firmness: Medium-plush
Trial period: 120 nights
Warranty: Lifetime

Memory foam is notorious for sleeping hot, yet this pick from Nolah defies the norm. Although it's made with four layers of foam, all wrapped in an organic cotton cover, the carefully designed pick offers impressive temperature regulation without the use of heat-sensitive viscoelastic chemicals.

Instead, the brand's signature cooling AirFoam™ allows plenty of airflow, staying 100% temperature-neutral—but that's not the only benefit for the unique materials. The billions of microscopic air bubbles contained without the foam also help evenly distribute your body weight, making it a great option for people with joint pain or arthritis.

If you're struggling to choose between the original 10-inch mattress or this 12-inch pick, we suggest the latter. The core base is 20% thicker, and there's 75% more cooling foam, which means more support and sweat relief.

While this mattress is not sustainable, the cotton cover is 100% organic, and Nolah does have a more sustainable mattress option, The Nolah Natural 11", which is made with all-natural, environmentally friendly latex.

Along with many expert testimonials, this mattress has hundreds of reviews and comes away with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Unsurprisingly, side sleepers are especially vocal about their love for the Signature 12" mattress, with many people reporting significantly less hip and joint pain after using it. There are also reviewers with shoulder pain or arthritis who say this mattress has helped them sleep more soundly through the night.

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Best innerspring: Sweet Night Dreamy S1


  • Foams are CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Offers three different firmness options
  • No fiberglass as flame retardant


  • Some reviewers say it runs warm
  • Not available in XL options
Materials: Gel memory foam and pocket coils
Sizes available: TwinFullQueenKing
Firmness: MediumMedium-softMedium-firm
Trial period: 100 nights
Warranty: Lifetime

Technically a hybrid model, this mattress has three layers of memory foam paired with innerspring coils, and can be repositioned to choose between three levels of firmness. The contouring curve design offers maximum spinal support, motion isolation, and relief for sore muscles, and the gel-infused top is meant to help regulate your body temperature (although some reviewers note that the mattress still runs warm). 

The foams are OEKO-TEX certified, and the mattress has received the CertiPUR-US certification. However, the pick is still made with memory foam, rather than the more environmentally friendly alternative, latex.

Setup and delivery are easy, as this mattress ships in a box (for free) and fully expands when you take it out. 

The mattress has 4.8 out of 5 stars and 25 reviews on the SweetNight website. Reviewers say they're pleased with the firmness levels on both sides, and one even says this mattress gave them the "best night of sleep [I've had] in years." 


What mattress brands can you flip over?

Above you'll find picks from Saatva, Plank, Brooklyn Bedding, Helix, and more.

After discovering many consumers didn't actually flip their mattresses, most companies moved to single-sided designs in the 2000s. The cost-effective swap lowered the prices of manufacturing mattresses—but it also means that not every model is flippable. Instead, you'll need to look for an option clearly labeled as "flippable" on your preferred brand's site (and it likely won't include all the company's designs).

Is it better to have a flippable mattress?

It could be better to have a flippable mattress if you aren't sure what level of firmness you prefer, or if you and your partner want to switch between different levels of firmness. Flippable mattresses tend to have longer lifespans (due to two sleep surfaces), so they are a great investment option.

What type of mattress is flippable?

Much like traditional mattresses, flippable mattresses can be made from lots of different materials. We included some hybrid, memory foam, and latex options above.

The takeaway.

There are many ways to get a better night's sleep—and choosing the right mattress is one of them. While medium-firm mattresses have been shown to work best for many people, having the option to switch between multiple levels of firmness can be a game-changer when finding the right mattress for you. In addition to being available in a range of different styles and budgets, flippable mattresses offer a longer lifespan by allowing you to redistribute your weight to delay overall wear and tear. 

Meet The Experts

Brittany Loggins is a freelance writer covering health, wellness, and all things lifestyle.
Scott Nass, M.D., MPA, FAAFP, AAHIVS is a family physician and HIV specialist in California. He takes a holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating principles of functional medicine and using food as medicine when working with patients.